LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat Update Problems Emerge

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  1. gmd80

    Updated to KitKat last night and now I am not having a good day. Anyone else having problems with going to Settings and it closes instantly and says “unfortunately, settings has stopped.” ??? Cannot get into the settings at all!!!

    • liz

      I had to update last night. It is horrendous. DESTROYS my battery life 😣

      • Lee Robinson

        Same here my battery life used to be brilliant, gone totally down hill since update

    • Glenn

      Liz, My LG had the same problem. I didn’t want to do the upgrade, but was given no choice. You are going to get the upgrade whether you want it or not! I was getting three days of battery life before the upgrade, afterward, battery went dead from a full charge in less than six hours. Why do they continue to roll this “upgrade” out to the public when there are known issues? I had to do a factory reset and lost all but contacts and calendar which I back up through Google. What a bummer. And there is no guarantee it won’t happen again with the next wonderful upgrade.

      • Cheri Emm

        Same. 3 days to not making it through the work day and I was also forced to update. ARGH.

      • Lee Robinson

        Did the reset fix the battery problems for you Bro?

    • Marco Lebron

      I can’t stay connected to the internet for more than 2 minutes before it says, I’m offline and get a Verizon Wireless network error message.


    • Bob

      Ugggly we are so screwed with the G2.
      No relief in site! Tons of time down the rat hole. At 75 and technical I came to this realization. Three weeks of torment is enough. On replacement phone and here is what I had to do to stabilize.
      1. Dump all software outside of VERIZON stuff. (One exception Visual Voice Mail seems to be spinning CPUs all 4 Snapdraggons to 98%. Hot Phone is from CPU activity dragging battery to 30% in one hr)
      2. Clean up phone before doing a full restore the bad stuff and corruption comes back. Had to do several factory resets and reboots.
      3. Uninstall any suspected Applications.

      What happens where you know you need a replacement?
      You are!! From LGG2 overload.


    • Chad

      Lg optimus g pro, notification light doesnt work now and it is turned on. My autocorrect is on and not working. Auto dim sucks

  2. Mitch

    its not just LG phones having issues with 4.4.2….many users on the XDA forums for the Galaxy Note 3 are having the same problems, this is across all carriers of the GN3.

  3. Alison

    Battery is dying so quickly, the screen is a lot more dim and I’m unable to take screenshots. Almost all of my apps are crashing. What a horrible update.

  4. chapman1969

    Since I updated my verizon LG g2. To kit kat the screen is a lot dimmer and the battery just plain sucks now. I have tried rebooting my phone and turned the screen down to save on the battery so I will try some of the tricks Cory was writing about and hoping for the best. He’ll I was looking forward to the kit kat update like everyone else was but Damm this sucks. So please verizon fix this quickly

  5. mighty

    Only problem here is battery drain.

    • ben

      I have music playback errors almost every song

      • Brandy

        Me too. I haven’t heard of anyone else with this problem except for you

  6. joekaltenbach

    Auto screen brightness setting is not good. On auto, set at 100% and still very dim. Turn auto off and set manually. Battery seems to be draining quicker…not good.

  7. Becks

    I purchased the LG G2 in large part for the clarity and color of the screen. After this update my screen is very dim (and yes I went to settings and adjusted) and my phone is much slower when accessing the internet. This update has taken away the best things about my phone. I am very disappointed.

  8. Badtz82

    I think that problem all the same with all smartphone from ios to android soo far i have note1 , ipad 2 and g2 have the same problem when there is update we need to factory reset. And deploy our backup. If we want some extra stability update. If there is problem with db registry.

  9. Craig

    Best phone I have ever had UNTIL the latest KitKat update. I used to easily get through a full day 16-18 hours with plenty of battery life and now I can sit here and watch it go down. Every time I look at it is has dropped. After doing the update yesterday I charged it up and let it sit overnight and it drained 12% not doing anything. The steps above in the article don’t work for me and some of those options aren’t even available on my Verizon LG G2. Bottom line, before yesterday my phone would easily last a day and a half on 100% brightness settings and now it doesn’t. Horrible update on my phone.

    • Stu

      I agree with all the comments. Brightness was very dim and would not correct even in the settings. Had to download from the Play store a brightness app which corrected the problem. I deleted the app and it still works fine now. I agree about the battery life now being worse. Another problem with the update which most people don’t really worry about is the visual voicemail. I use it my business and it was deleted with the update and could not be reinstalled. I had to have the Verizon tech re-download on my phone the program to reinstall it. It’s a great phone but the update seem to have problems.

  10. xgman

    I have my brightness set manual at 77%. Screen is bright, never changes and battery is life is still ok. Location services OFF. Only isseu I have other than Swiftkey is that on Verizon, it often can’t network data connect to voicemail service.

  11. Joey

    Battery drain and now it throttles my battery charger…I have to use an LG battery charger to get a “fast charge” what a croc!!! how low will they stoop to make more $$

  12. Cory (@xguntherc)

    Joey it did that before the update.. Mine did it least.

  13. Laura

    Huge battery drain……dim screen……so disappointed and LG isn’t willing to help or come up with any solutions other than a factory reset…..LG ..please give us a new update to fix these problems…..or the LG G2 is not a great phone anymore IMHO

    • Laura

      I guess it’s Google and not LG that needs to come up with a fix for this latest update that is causing a huge battery drain!!!!

  14. Dee

    After update took about 10 minutes for my first text to go thru. Battery drain is HORRIBLE and the one hour charge to full battery is now 3-4 hours.

  15. Chris

    My knock on feature in dead now. Battery drain sucks too. I wish i never upgraded.

  16. Terrance

    Battery Drain, screen sensing finger that is no longer on screen….. Called Verizon and simple restart fixed phone for maybe half an hour

  17. Jared Goldstein

    Was able to correct the dimness issue in settings but experiencing terrible battery life very long charge time, texts can’t send and general performance has slowed to maybe half of what it used to be.

  18. Jacob

    Having problems when making phone calls? It doesn’t show up the option to hang up so I actually have to turn my phone off just to hang up! So irritating. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Martijn Drieshen

      Same here, when i make a call, the screen turns black and can hang up the phone.

    • Heather Knorr

      I’m having the same problem. It’s not all the time, but when it does, it’s a pain. Also have shorter battery life and Messaging crashes a lot.

    • Theresa

      On incoming calls the full screen would open. Now it’s a postage size pop up (rest of screen is black) and I don’t have the option for bluetooth or speaker or anything other than hang up. This is very frustrating because it can’t be changed in settings.

  19. shina

    I’ve been forced to get a replacement phone after the update. I couldn’t send or receive text messages, severe lag time between screens, screen glitches and flashing. Couldn’t update apps unable to access play store. Wouldn’t power off or factory reset even after an alternative factory reset through Verizon. And not to mention battery drain. Horrible update. Refused to update the replacement phone due to fear of these issues.

  20. marco

    worst upgrade ever,
    just like everyone, text messages are taking about 30 mins to send, phone is extremely slow as if using a basic phone with a memory of 1 gb, the keyboard freezes all the time, and if it doesn’t get crazy to randomly send the text im trying to type 5 times, it will just force closed. Also, when answering phone calls, what it will do sometimes is just cut the call and restart the phone in the middle of the call. Does anyone know if there is somewhere to complain so they can pay attention to us, after all this complaints, you would think there will be an answer regarding all this. Oh yeah, also battery drains fast, and takes forever to charge.

    a dissapointed Lg G2 consumer

  21. Janet Mussey

    I’m having all these issues too…major screen, Facebook, chrome, keyboard, camera, etc lag. Data needs to be on for talk to text now, I have a constant notification with an arrow for voice roaming (and I can’t turn it off?). Loved my phone before this junk update. :/

  22. Mable

    I lost some of my contacts and it grouped some contacts together (none that were even remotely associated with each other!). Like others, I’m experiencing the battery drain and I absolutely hate that it changed the smiley design in text messages, along with it changing the layout of my photo gallery… and the list goes on and on! Grr! I paid full price for my LG G2 and I’m really upset that Verizon would push this update to my phone and FORCE me to install the update – it should have been an option! Not happy! :(

  23. Dave

    I read in a forum that uninstalling Skype (which I luckily never use) helps with battery draining issue. Noticed improvements after first full charge.

  24. Tal

    Things were really bad until I disabled Wi-Fi. The phone was actually getting warm to the touch after the update… Now it looks like 4G takes less battery than Wi-Fi… I would have expected the opposite…

    • Shan

      I noticed this too on my phone. Its slower now when my WiFi is on. My texts are super slow when WiFi is on but they send perfectly fine when It’s turned off. Even with an otterbox case the back of my phone is really warm when WiFi is on. I have to turn my phone off and on a lot. My screen goes very dim then randomly goes bright like there’s lag time when I pause while typing. Does a factory reset get rid of the update or does it fix problems? I only want to do that as a last resort.

  25. Carmen

    I have an LG G2 with verizon and I thought it had the best battery life. I could go a couple days wuthout a charge. After this update, I literally could see my battery life drop within 5 minutes. I have to charge my phone throughout the day now. Horrible battery life. I hope google can come out with a bug fix ASAP!

  26. Mark

    I’ve posted earlier about some of the same problems, but I was really concerned about how must the phone was heating up. I could feel it through my shirt pocket and became alarmed it was so warm.
    It took me 3 factory resets because the first two resets were messed up and took hours to finish instead of minutes.
    It’s appears to be working OK now, but then again I’ve only re-installed a few apps.
    Battery life is also better now, but may not be as good as it was before the upgrade.
    I think enough people are, and will continue to complain to the point some action will be taken.
    At least let’s hope so.

  27. Janet Mussey

    Does a factory reset get rid of the update and all its junk?

    • Mark

      Yes, however you will get latest updates to the apps that came with the phone and the new updated OS will be part of the factory reset now.
      My phone is running well now. It’s a pain having to set things up all over again, but far worst trying to live with the phone when its performance is as it was. Again keep in mind the new update will be part of the factory reset. The difference is it will not have to integrate with other apps during installation, so its good at least until a possible incompatible application is installed. I now look at app reviews to see if any compatibility problems are listing within their ratings before installing them.

    • Karen

      I was having horrible battery life, and decided my only option was to do a factory reset. I didn’t want to but I did, and it worked. My battery life seems to be back to normal. Frustrating, but worth it.

      • Karen

        A factory reset will not get rid of the update, but for me it helped the battery life. Verizon told me once you have the update you can’t get rid of it.

  28. Nick

    Ever since the update I have been having issues where the top part of my screen is unresponsive to touch. My phone is becoming useless to me because of this update, and when I tried factory resetting it, it would not revert to an earlier version of andriod. :(

    • Mark

      If the Factory reset took more than 20 minutes, it likely did not reset properly. Do another reset if that’s the case. I did 3 before it took.

  29. lora new

    I had issues with visual voicemail not working. There were other issues. ….I cleared the cache and all seems well now.

  30. Stefan Teske

    Verizon & LG confirmed software causing hardware problems and will replace handsets.

  31. Mo

    Battery Drain – literally setting on my desk rarely using lost ~70% (~30% remain) battery by 11am. Then I am tethered the remaining hours of the day.

    Call Quality is HORRIBLE post KitKat (Staticy – S’s and P’s are horrible even at the lowest volume settings), apps are closing (Chive, Mailbox, SXM stops after 5 mins) and Location icon stays on forever. I did do the above suggestion and switched to Battery save – we will see how it goes.

    I have noticed the 4g dropping (and seeing 3G more often) but not a ton I guess.

    Haven’t really noticed the screen – but that doesn’t mean anything as I typically keep it pretty dim.

    Pretty ridiculous when we waited for Verizon for this update and it sucks. Make us wait a tad longer and get it right.

  32. Mo

    Oh, also, I found that restarting your phone helps a tad – BUT why should you HAVE to restart your phone in 2014 every day?

  33. Lena

    My phone was fine before the update. Now my battery life is shorter, but the worst things are the lack of GPS and LTE/3G connectivity. I can use Wifi, but it will almost never connect to the Sprint network. As for the GPS, if it works at all, which is rarely, it shows me from 5 to 150 miles away from my real location. I got a G2 because of its features, and now I’m stuck with a “top of the line smart phone” that doesn’t even do what a basic Droid does. I’m going to try a factory reset.

  34. Brittany

    MY phone shuts off every 5 minutes. Anyone else having this problem? I just got this replacement phone yesterday.

  35. Craig

    Verizon lg g2 awesome phone until the forced update. Major lag when pressing anything. Phone gets really hot even when not using it. Voice roaming won’t shut off. New GPS (now location) is horrible. Phone was unusable. I shut off WiFi and restarted the phone and now some things work again including WiFi. The battery life is still very poor but better than before the restart. It no longer gets hot. Bring back the GPS the way it was before the update !!! I would do anything to undo this horrible kitKat update !

  36. Janet Mussey

    What is voice roaming? Ever since the update and after the factory reset I did a few days ago I constantly have a voice roaming notification. I don’t even know what that is, couldn’t find anything about it either. Anyone?

    • Craig

      I have that same problem. No idea what it is, and can’t turn it off.

  37. Annoyed

    I just spent 30 mins with a Verizon IT tech and they can’t do anything whatsoever. She did say though, that they haven’t been receiving many calls about people having issues. SO they’re completely unaware of this all. EVERYONE needs to call them with their issues so they know they need to get a handle on this! It’s getting ridiculous. We basically own glorified paperweights.

    • Cheri Emm

      Factory reset fixes all issues and gives the best update as other comments state… So what’s the issue? :)

  38. Frank Bevers

    I upgraded my HTC desire 601 to 4.4.2 and I am very dissatisfied. I now have 3 major problems:

    1. The ring/music volume is about half of what it used to be

    2. I have to select dataroaming even when I am not roaming otherwise I am unable to use mobile data. This already caused me high cost while travelling to the UK because I forgot to deselect dataroaming.

    3. Enabling WIFI sometimes hangs, WIFI does not get enabled (I continue to see the spinning wheel) , the phone itself does not hang but I ave to restart it in order to be able to enable WIFI

    This update sucks

  39. Samuel Latorre

    I can confirm that this is not just a Verizon problem, I have 3 LG G2′s on Sprint’s network and all are suffering the same problems (screen dimness, data drops and battery drain) since the Android 4.4.2 update. Spoke to the Sprint Rep and they seemed to be unaware of the problem. Checked the Tech blogs and the and they confirmed my suspicions it’s a genuine problem and it’s not restricted to one carrier (Check Phone Review and Alpha Wired sites). LG rep says their’s an update in the works but as always no ETA. I haven’t tried the factory reset route yet but have shut off Wi Fi and GPS and that seems to have helped with the battery drain.

    • Laura

      I phoned Verizon, Verizon said it wasn’t their issue to phone LG. LG told me it wasn’t their update to phone Google…….Really?

      • Cheri Emm

        It’s an Android (4.4.2 Kitkat) update. And the fix is to do a Factory reset (read the other comments). This will get the newest update but without all the issues. Fixes all problems.

      • C K

        Didnt fix mine, just got worse

      • jason

        I did a reset… my problems went away… for a day or two… every issue I had pooped back up… battery drain…cannot send our receive MMS at all… some SMS takes up to 10-15 mins to send… some never send… have to delete and retype message…

  40. Speedy5150

    I have a Sprint Lg G2 and was happy with it’s factory performance but after kitkat update, my battery drains rapidly and heats up like a hot plate!. I put the screen to 33%, turned of location, bluetooth and use wifi when at home and use the battery saver feature. Got good 4GLTE signal and phone signal, but still have rapid battery drain and also my GPS compass is backwards! I tried several compass apps but they are all backwards.
    Other issue pre – kitkat was voice: People I talk to couldn’t hear me unless I was on speaker phone or bluetooth.

  41. Gary

    Have LG G2 with T Mobile. After Kit Kat 4,4,2 upgrade my gps icon is gone from pull down screen and GPS is gone from phone. T Mobile solution is to send me new LG G2 or downgrade to Samsung S2. Not acceptable. Has anyone heard of this issue?.

  42. Theresa

    Guess it’s clear I need to a factory reset… I’ll try to find the time to back up all my data (pictures, Music, podcast, etc…) which is VERY time consuming EVERY update I get this happens I wish they’d just make it a standard thing and not let you know that you have an update every hour… which basically FORCED me to do what I KNEW would be a headache…

  43. TomT

    I have a Verizon LG G2, and have been having many of the problems mentioned here. I called both Verizon and LG, and they are definitely aware of the problem. Verizon said LG was working on a fix, and LG told me the fix needs to be done by Google – neither could say how soon this would happen.

    I’d like to hear about any other peoples’ experiences with a factory reset resolving the problems – like everyone else I’d prefer to avoid this if at all possible. Interestingly enough, the LG support rep said (when I asked why this wasn’t tested better before rolling it out) that Google likely only tested on their own phones, e.g. Nexus 5 etc.

    • Cheri Emm

      The reset seemed to work for about a week and now my battery is draining fast again and slow to recharge. Going to let it drain past 10% as suggested in other boards. Been told that can help reset the battery to charge better. Worth a shot. For now I just have a charger in all the places I sit (at home, at work and in the car!).

  44. m.king

    Just a bad,bad update

  45. Cory Gunther

    Man.. This is bad news. You guys need to try a factory data reset. This clears everything and wipes out your phone, but it’s best case scenario for now. I’d go through initial setup and do a second wipe just to be sure… Then set up the phone like normal and restore all your apps.

    Good luck

    • Cheri Emm

      Cory, a week after my factory reset and it’s back to the battery drain/slow recharge. Bummed but just have chargers every where I sit now. Now sure why it worked great for about a week and then back to the draining. Hoping for some sort of fix at some point.

      • Janet Mussey

        I’m with you with the battery issue again a while after doing the reset. Doesn’t stay charged nearly as long as it did before the update.

  46. C K

    Kit kat sux
    Battery didn’t charge all the time.

    Keeps telling me Google can’t be found or is not operational at this time unavailable at this time.

    I’ll be in the middle of something and it will automatically flash over to AccuWeather or some random app.

    When the screen fades out it clears all my memos that I have doing.
    Yesterday at locked up completely and wouldn’t do anything. It wouldn’t even turn off for the longest time I finally got it to turn off and then turn back on.

    Sometimes when I’m messaging a message will come in and it disconnects the charger, like you’ve unplugged it and plug it back in

    Pix won’t send or receive
    Reset phone twice no help.
    It sux they can take a perfect phone and turn it to crap then just say sorry. you are sorry when I was spending a couple hundred dollars for it

  47. Bernard

    After my update I noticed that my Google talk stop working. Can’t Say” Ok Google” anymore. My Google Navigation app is missing,but my phone tells me it’s installed. The battery life drop tremendously, I just don’t understand why.

    The LG G2 was the best phone on earth. Now it’s the best phone in the electronic graveyard.

  48. amanda

    After my update yesterday morn, I lost phone service – I can’t make calls, send texts, or turn on 4g\3g. Essentially, my phone isn’t a phone. WiFi works ok, and I never turn on GPS unless I need it, so I haven’t tried that yet (although, I can’t use my 4g, so I’m not expecting much). Since I have no phone service, I put my phone in airplane mode which stopped the battery drain -that’s not an issue for me, or it was until I thought to put it in airplane mode. When I got home, I charged my phone and it started getting very hot. The phone went into cool down mode and eventually shut itself off Because it could not cool itself down. Since then, it hasn’t overheated, it charged fine, and the only problem I still have is the fact that I can’t call, text, or turn on 4g.

  49. Shelly

    Since upgrade can not receive texts with pics attached. Scared that if I do factory reset things will get worse. Any ideas on fixing the issues with pics?

  50. billy

    for the people who keep saying factory reset will fix it…. please read the comments which explain it does not necessarily work, or it will eventually go back to draining battery after a couple weeks…. so we need a better solution then a factory reset every 1 or 2 weeks…

  51. Robinson

    I have been having the same problem with my Sprint LG G2. I had this phone for 4 months now. I’ve had this problem for 2 and a half months. I either get a new device or I’m canceling contract. Whats the point of having consistent problems and the Sprint store cant fix my phone. I do a master reset where it will erase everything. I do this everyday. It will work part of the day then it will mess up again. Just turning the phone off for 5 mins a day wasn’t fixing the probem. My phone is in mint condition and always been in a outter box since day one. Every since I downloaded sprint spark and other sprint upgrades for my phone just to fix it is getting me very frustrating. I use my phone for business and home use 24/7. I was told the LG G2 is the best and Sprint had everything unlimited on a reliable network. I ws totally let down. I’ve been calling Sprint on the regular to fix my phone. Also visited the store and I was called a liar because they couldn’t find any problems. It’s funny that when I arrived they couldn’t power on the device and it had a full battery life. Once they got it on they didn’t find anything. Later I recorded the problem with my husbands phone. So I had proof. I went back to show them and was let down again. This is a waste of my valuable time.

  52. Ed

    No problems with it, but don’t like a lot of the changed features. Can no longer change to vibrate without unlocking first screen? why would they take that away. Color changes also suck. Anyway to change these? New keyboard also sucks!!

  53. Trouble

    Anyone else having an issue with pictures not coming through? Wednesday, the day I updated, a friend sent me a few pictures and I didn’t receive them until the next day. Last night I told a new contract to send me a photo for her ID pic…. I never got it. They both have iPhones so I think it COULD be a communication error but I never had a problem before KitKat.

    • Janet

      I tried sending my son photos lastnight and he still hasn’t gotten them….he has an iPhone.

  54. Sunny Sharma

    when the new upgrade come with no issues in INDIA

  55. Bill

    I have Canadian variant of LG G2 D801 and since i updated to kitkat, battery don’t last, barely lasts 4 or 5 hours on light usage even though i am using juice defender to keep data wifi closed most of the time. GPS icon stuck too sometimes and bluetooth has gone mad as well. Bluetooth keeps my phone awake for hours. :( please fix this.

  56. missy

    My battery life was great up until recently its dying fast and my network goes in and out. Its very frustrating for me when my phone is 2 months old

  57. Grant Ferguson

    When i try to make a call, i watch my signal bars disappear and get “mobile network not available”. This is on 4g or wifi. One in 30 calls works. Random reboots, hot, poor battery life. Verizon wants to give me a refurb. Why would i want a refurb? My phone was great until they ruined it! Not happy at all.

  58. sam

    My phone is doing all of the above and the screen randomly freeks out. I’m surprised I can even type this w out an issue. HELP!!!!! I use to love this phone. Now I want to drive over it.

  59. Michelle Engebretson

    I got the LG G2 in March and i have nothing but headaches with this phone 5 replacements from verizon and the same thing happens. the phone over heats, battery drains so fast. and screen does not take commands. i was sitting on the phone ( land line with verizon last night) and my battery was at 100% and 30 mins later it went to 30%.. It also does not allow text messages to go thru, my calls are dropped and some apps crash. verizon wont take responsibility and only wants to send out the same phone.

  60. AARON

    Using Droid RAZR Maxx. Updated to kit kat a little over a month ago. Little nagging problems with apps not working right and crashing, battery life cut almost in half. Finally broke down and did factory reset. No help on battery. Still horrible even with no apps installed. Still getting force close pop ups all the time. Dropped calls all the time and call quality is unacceptable. 4G has ceased to exist, only seems to get 3G now and not even that works half the time. Updating to Kit Kat was a huge mistake. If you have the choice, don’t do it.

  61. Smarty

    Can any one tell me if there is software update to fix the data drop issue in lg g2, i am having this issue and almost every day i have to turn and off airplane mode to fix it.

  62. NeZ

    I did the upgrade yesterday and now the main issue i have is Anytime i click on the application icon on my home page, it says ‘unfortunately home has stopped’ also even though autocorrect is on, it doesnt work… What to do?

  63. sharon

    Having picture/video messaging after new update. Not happy need fix ASAP.

  64. sharon

    Having picture/video messaging issues after new update. Not happy need fix ASAP.

  65. LgG2user

    I’m having all the same problems but one I’m having that no one else seems to have commented about is: the fact that I’m not able to send out text messages and when receiving one it takes an hour to receive. And a mr lag time. This is my 2nd replacement phone in a week. Android, Verizon, this has got to be fixed! I am not in the business of paying for service that I cannot use!

  66. smarty

    Got new update from tmobile 4.4.2, this is the second update for 4.4.2, i received the first one i. March and second one just yesterday, so i called tmobile they said its a refresh, hope this will fix the bugs like data drop and battery drain

  67. tanisha

    I updated my lg g2 last night. Biggest problem battery life and it takes forever to charge!!before the update battery life was great,,sad bcause thats what made the g2 a great smartphone..please fix this..

  68. hemligt

    Om detta med upphettningen pÄ batteriet. Alla pratar ungefÀr som att de blir lite oroliga, men sen Àr det inget mer med det. Jag kan ju sÀg att min LG G2 brann upp pga det. Batteriet exploderade!! Det talar ingen om alls! SÄ det Àr vÀldigt viktigt att uppmÀrkasamma att denna överhettning pÄ batteriet inte alls Àr normalt och en hemsk olycka kan faktiskt hÀnda.

    Hur ofta har ni mobilen liggande vid sÀngen nattetid för uppladdning? Vad sÀger ni om batteriet exploderar mitt i natten nÀr ni sover? Ni kan fÄ bÄde batterisplitter och glas i ögonen samt batterisyra. SÄ det hÀr Àr faktiskt ett mycket allvarligt och farligt problem.

    Jag fick ocksÄ flera ovan nÀmnda problem med min LG G2. sÄ den var pÄ service för andra gÄngen nÀr tekinkerna ringde och sade att det har skett en olycka! Batteriet exploderade under deras testning sÄ det fanns ingen telefon kvar att reparera ens! SÄ jag fick ut ny pÄ försÀkringen! tog nÄgot helt annat mÀrke.

  69. Heather

    Just a week ago, I started having problems with picture messages. Now I can’t send, receive OR view picture messages. Old or new. I’ve been told it’s due to the update. I got news that within a week or 2 there should be a new update to fix these problems. A long time to wait and very frustrating!

  70. Donna

    Discouraged , disgusted and pissed, I’m on my 3rd LG g2 since 6-4-14. I have been promised new phone would fix issues, now Verizon won’t do anything except send me another g2,. With all the issues????? U gotta be kidding!!! I now hate Verizon tech support , what a fing joke, $300 mo. For this carp, I don’t think so. I’m cancelling the new line with the new phone and Im done with verizon.

  71. asm

    I just ordered our first smart phones – LG G2. Consumer Reports looked great! Haven’t got them yet, but you all have me very worried!

  72. Lois

    my phone LG Intuition is has a battery life issue ever since the update. Also when ever I try to answer incoming call it disconnects. What the heck?

  73. DJ

    For me, since the update the call quality has gone downhill and a lot of times I can’t even make an outgoing call. Never had this problem before. I’m on tmobile/att.

  74. M_Eddie

    I just got the update an hour ago and issues already. My keyboard wont open at times when i go to text, google search, or chrome…and when it does open it doesnt respond well or work correctly. Severe Music playback issues, its super slow now too. I cant comment on battery yet but given the reviews im sure ill see it soon enough. If i go to verizon can they uninstall the update, i have no idea how to do that myself.

  75. TP

    LG G2 on AT&T network here… Got the phone in December, and until it updated last month it was by far the best phone I’ve ever owned! But after the update the phone is definitely not as brilliant as far as screen quality goes and the battery life went from phenomenal before the update, to complete crap afterwards. It like it’s dropping one percent per minute sometimes.

    The biggest and most upsetting issue is that I have a continuous group MMS alert that keeps popping up. I’ve tried everything to eliminate it and I can’t… it just keeps coming back! When I click the MMS notification it just opens up a new message, but the notification never goes away (can’t open it). The only partial remedy was to disable notifications in the message settings to prevent the phone from just continually lighting up and sending notification and burning up.

  76. Thomas Maibauer

    Ok folks, here it comes… the fix to all your problems. This bug is part of Google’s transition from the Dalvik runtime to ART runtime. Do the following:

    If you have not enabled the “Developer Options” menu, do so by doing the following:

    Menu -> System Settings -> General (for tab view) -> About Phone -> Software Information

    Once on this screen, tap on “Build Number” until it tells you that the Developer Options menu has been enabled.

    [For tab view menu]
    Menu -> System Settings -> General Tab -> Developer Options

    [For list view menu]
    Menu -> System Settings -> Developer Options

    The fourth option down is “Select runtime”, it is most likely “Dalvik”. Select it and change it to “ART”. When you make this change it will tell you that you need to reboot. This made me nervous, but I accepted anyways. Your phone WILL TAKE A WHILE to reboot!!! It needs to upgrade a LOT of apps and components, but it WILL boot, do NOT hard reset it!

    This will also enable the “OK Google from any screen” option in Google Now.

    • M_Eddie

      So, essentially, you’re saying the issues mentioned here are not because of the update necessarily but are runtime errors and making this change will get the G2 working smoothly again? You have done this and it worked for you?

      • Thomas Maibauer

        I can’t say it will fix ALL of your problems, but it solved all of my gapps crashing on boot and random reboots.

    • Cheri Emm


      I was so excited to read your reply. However, I get to Developer Options and I don’t see anything about runtime. I opened all that would allow me to make a choice and nothing about Dalvik or Art. I have a Verizon VS980 4G LTE Android v4.4.2, Software version VS98024A

      I can Google, but wanted to give a heads up that either I’m blind or this phone has different options.


    • Cheri Emm

      I did a little digging. 4.4.2 comes with ART. So I am already running ART, and this will not fix MY battery issue. Sure wish it would make it through the day – it used to last 3 days with no charge!

  77. Cheri Emm
  78. Donovan

    I would like to report that ever since the last update the stock lg keyboard refuses to autocorrect. I have all autocorrect settings enabled and i still have to manually choose corrected words, if i get that option at all.

  79. Heather

    I just got the lg g2 a month ago, I am on my second phone and going on my third, first phone speaker was blown and it was brand new, second phone, can not send or receive picture text messages or videos also brand new phone the cloud won’t even let me download my pictures to the phone, now Verizon wants to send me another phone mind you it’s still the same phone, again but certified. I went to this phone from an Apple and am very disappointed with the lg g2 😔

  80. Yuna

    my only problem is can’t connet internet con with computer…via hotspot😒😒

  81. lavkush

    Touch is not responding most of the time after upgrade to kit kat. I never faced this problem before. Now I hv to touch twice or thrice to make my touch respond. It is very irritating.

  82. levi

    The top BOUT 1 And a half isnt working sence the update . Hole touch response is not working but does not work at all at the top .

  83. Jerry

    My lg g2 was a great phone until the 4.4.2 upgrade! Now my e mail is screwed up, my messaging won’t send or receive a picture , Bluetooth won’t connect, cannot finish setting a new APN because the APN TYPE part is greyed out. WHAT IS GOOGLE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS????? THEY HAVE RUINED MY EXPENSIVE PHONE !!!

  84. alan

    I rooted and Rom my lg g2 I’m having less problems now.

    • Janet

      What does it mean to root and Rom your phone?

  85. alan

    Rooting means you have root access to your device—that is, it can run the sudo command, and has enhanced privileges allowing it to run apps like Wireless Tether or SetCPU. You can root either by installing the Superuser application or by flashing a custom ROM that includes root access.”Flashing a custom ROM” basically means to load a different version of the Android OS. A custom ROM is the full Android OS customized by the ROM builder usually to make it faster, provide better battery-life or add new features.

  86. nick

    My internet data keeps turning itself off after a few min I have to keep going in and turning it back on to use the phone

    • Cory Gunther

      have you tried rebooting your phone? There’s also a setting under Wifi > advanced settings > that turns off WiFi when screen is off. Make sure that is not enabled.

  87. James C

    I upgraded 2 days ago and the proximity switch is screwing up. When I’m on a call, the screen won’t show no matter what I do. So I can’t, for instance, hang up if I decide I don’t want to leave a message, nor can I use the keypad to navigate through an automated menu. WTF?

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