MacBook Pro & MacBook Air: Buy or Wait?

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  2. Kevin R. Whitley

    I run a late 2011 Air (i7, fully upgraded) and never found it lacking performance wise. I’m a power user that usually runs Photoshop, Chrome (with too many tabs), a code editor and one or more virtual servers or local server services. Never so much as a hiccup by some miracle, given the lowly 4GB RAM (max at the time).

    Likewise, I’ve heard of struggles in the smaller MBP Retina models given the weak GPU for such a high res demand. I’d love for the higher color-accuracy and detail of a retina to be added to the Air, but not at a significant performance and battery hit.

    Till then, my recommendation is always to go for the i7 Air. It’s a featherweight powerhouse I can hold in 3 fingers without breaking my wrist.


  3. Martin

    You still haven’t answered the question of should we wait until WWDC to buy a new MBPro or MBAir.


  4. Lockheed

    Martin’s right. You didn’t answer the question. Pffftttt.


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