You Won’t Believe What the iPhone 6 Headphones Might Do

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  1. Matt Perkins

    I don’t see LG having them. All it says is “Coming Soon”. Coming soon does not mean available. Besides they’ll prolly only be for Android devices. And Android users won’t spend that kinda money on accessories. Hell majority of Android users won’t (or can’t afford to) pay $650 for an unlocked phone or $199 for one with a contract. They don’t buy apps and games either. I just don’t get companies designing products around customers who won’t buy them. For those LG ones to sell they’ll have to go for $20 and be available at your discount store.


  2. James Bib

    **HRM Earphones are compatible with iOS® 6 and iOS® 7 for iPhone® and iPod Touch®; Android™ 4.3 and 4.4; Android™ 4.2 for LG G2 and Galaxy S® 4 only.


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