How to Fix YouTube Buffering Problems

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  1. Larry

    It’s the cellular network or the app??? I’ve read many topics on this, or the phone itself?? My suspicion is the app and cellular networks both combined I’ve had the issue on iPhone and android I use iOS and OS and seen this on all networks, it’s voodoo lol lol

  2. cyberlunacy

    no offense but had you had the buffering problems that so many people are complaining about you would know that this does NOTHING to fix it.
    the issue is 2 fold. The ISP’s and Youtube. and frankly most of it comes from youtube.

    the worst buffering is the B.O.D. (Buffering Of Death) in which buffering never ends, or rather youtube, be it the website or mobile app, says its buffering but checking your data stream shows little to no activity.

    restarting it usually results in it dieing at the same spot as i believe it is simply pulling form the cache files on your device. forwarding or rewinding of the video does nothing as it will not buffer (forward) and will just stop at the same spot again (rewind)

    this is why i believe the issue lies solely on youtubes.

    all this sit closer to your router stuff is baby talk and is side stepping the true issue that so many of us are dealing with.

    Youtube is broke, and watching videos on Youtube, mainly in the evenings (be it cellular or home internet) is troublesome to impossible.

    and there is nothing wrong with the ISP at the time because i can switch over and stream Netflix or Amazon prime video, at the highest bitrate, without a single issue.

    so maybe point the finger at the cause, instead of pulling the typical stuff by laying blame on the user.

    With articles like this that have no purpose but to blame the user, i suspect you moonlight for Google/Youtube

  3. Punk21

    well said Cyberlunacy…

  4. Larry

    Ya ya I’m right you tube sucks

  5. Larry

    To punk 21 you don’t know your from your thumb or your ass from a hole in the ground as for cyberlunacy you have a good point but it’s the app .. My opinion

  6. Dark Poet INC

    I can’t seem to get anything through Century Link or Verizon the last 24 hrs. I went to a “Bright House” hotspot and was fine. I wonder if this has something to do with the whole “Net Neutrality” debate in Washington right now. Verizon and ComCast have been known to throttle the bandwith to NetFlix in the past and since YouTube joined up with NetFlix they might be getting treated the same.

    Welcome to the dirty tactics by the cable companies in order to get more money.

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