Best Android 4.4 KitKat Smartphones Under $200

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  1. michael

    Have a moto g and spent far too much time trying to get the phone to see the Sim card. Just upgraded to android 4.4.3. Will see if that fixes the problem. So far I cannot recommend.

  2. bryant1234

    Sieht aus wie eine sehr schöne, wenn auch etwas höhere Pixel, desto besser

  3. Bruce S

    Hi Cory; whilst I appreciate that sentiments toward Chinese smartphones vary; in my experience they are worthy of consideration; especially where budget is part of the equation. I am the proud owner of an Elephone P8 (Chinese). This was purchased running Android Jellybean; Elephone released updated ROMS in June 2014 to enable users to upgrade to KITKAT (Android 4.4.2); which I have done. My experience with this phone has only been positive; it does everything the “sales pitch” says it will. So, for the budget conscious who are looking for the latest and greatest features and functions at an affordable price; some Chinese smartphones will indeed fit the bill and are worthy of consideration.

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