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  1. Maxwell Lill

    Thanks for summing up a few of the rumours. i’ve been looking around the internet for a little while trying to work out what real and what isn’t. I really hope they don’t up the price to $299.99 because that would be getting a little to expensive for a phone in my opinion.

  2. Boring old guy

    I’m bored with my iPhone. Apple is falling behind. I don’t expect the iPhone 6, to be ground breaking. It’s too little too late. Yeah! We’re finally getting the big screen!!!


    gee, u sure would love to live where these stupid 2 year contracts dont exist and you gotta pay the full price of the phone, u cheap BASTARD

  4. Larry

    Same old shit, just bigger I’d rather a ssgs5 or a HTC M8 apple is done, just a new phone with glitches and typical apple restrictions and a long jail break wait time, I’m over apple

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