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  1. Jim Lyons

    Oops there it is. Started this early this morning – on an iPad 3g – not Retina. Still at the White Apple logo with the progress bar almost at the end. Hope this has not bricked the iPad. B-)

  2. Luis Guillermo Ochoa

    IPOD TOUCH LAST GENERATION , the update produce a WI-FI ERROR and Now it is imposible to connect to a wifi networks. After make a restoration of the ipod touch, the problems was solved but after a couple of hours its came back, and know no wifi connections.

  3. andrew tang

    So far, I haven’t experienced any bugs yet, battery life draining even quicker
    Personally for me, i felt like ios 7.1.2 kinda increased the stability, performance and battery life by a bit, I don’t know for any of you guys but this is my experienced.

  4. Flytrap

    This article does not make much sense… it seems that the article goes over everything, except for the things that Apple say they tampered with (fixed) in the update. I was hoping to see commentary on whether or not and the extent to which the update addresses things such as fading iBeacon connectivity, email attachment security, etc. But instead you have managed to make an entire article out of confirming that nothing has changed in the things that Apple did not change.

  5. Chris

    The update installed today without any obvious hitch and only noticeable difference is it provides a ‘click’ for each passcode entry, where before the confirmation sound would only be heard for the final 3 entries on both my devices.
    All seems stable at this time, although still looking for any adverse effects. Will post if any found.
    Three devices, iPad 4, Air & iPhone 4s tested.

  6. Rene Lapointe

    Wi-fi doesn’t work since 7.1.2 implementation on an Ipad mini. Any idea ?

  7. Dunn

    My ipad mini is now useless.no wifi connections can be made anymore.am stuck

  8. Nathan

    Go to settings> go to general> Go to reset> Press on reset network settings> Reset network settings> after you restart network settings> go to settings> go to wifi> Pick which wifi is yours> put in the password> it will connect> then connected> without any problems> it worked on my IPad mini with retina display.

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