iOS 7.1.2 Problems Plague iPhone & iPad Users

Yesterday, Apple rolled out a brand new iOS 7 update in the form of iOS 7.1.2, its third iOS 7.1 release. And while the update is aimed at solving issues inside iOS 7.1, it appears that some iPhone and iPad owners are already dealing with iOS 7.1.2 problems.

In March, Apple released iOS 7.1, an iOS 7 update aimed at curtailing issues that plagued iPhone and iPad owners inside iOS 7. iOS 7.1 possessed a massive list of bug fixes. It also came with performance enhancements and tweaks that helped shore up the iOS 7 experience for iPhone and iPad users around the world. However, like all iOS updates, iOS 7.1 brought some trouble of its own.

Shortly after the arrival of iOS 7.1, we started to hear about an assortment of iOS 7.1 problems. iPhone and iPad owners complained about a number of issues including battery drain and Wi-Fi problems and many were hopeful that Apple would release a fix before the arrival of the new iOS 8 update sometime later this year.

Apple delivered a fix just a few weeks after iOS 7.1’s arrival. iOS 7.1.1 was a small update aimed at fixing a few minor iOS 7.1 issues and for some users, it did fix issues. For others, it simply brought more problems. iOS 7.1.1 problems included a lock screen bypass, problems sending mail, battery life, app crashes and Notification problems. So once again, iPhone and iPad owners were hopeful that Apple would deliver another iOS update to solve some of these problems.



Yesterday, Apple delivered a brand new iOS update in the form of iOS 7.1.2, a new update to iOS 7.1 and one that promises three fixes for iPhone and iPad owners including one for a bug involving encryption for mail. And while the iOS 7.1.2 update fixes several issues, it appears that iPhone and iPad owners are already reporting iOS 7.1.2 problems.

iPhone and iPad owners are both reporting problems installing the iOS 7.1.2 update. Users with various versions of the iPhone and iPad are saying that the iOS 7.1.2 update won’t download, that it’s stuck downloading or that their device crashes during the installation process. Fortunately, there appears to be a quick and easy fix.

iPhone and iPad owners that are unable to install iOS 7.1.2 will want to try resetting the iPhone or iPad.  To do this, hold down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10 to 15 seconds until the Apple logo appears. This will reset the device and it should help to jog the installation process and get the device updated to iOS 7.1.2.

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Users are still reporting issues with VPN networks on iOS 7.1.2. This is an issue that we’ve reported numerous times since the arrival of iOS 7.1.2 and it appears that there still isn’t a permanent fix for the issues.


iOS 7.1.2 users are also reporting issues with Exchange, iOS 7.1.2 battery life, problems with the camera application, SIM card failures after installing the new software, a strange Contacts bug that appears to be cutting off pertinent information, problems with the front-facing FaceTime HD camera, issues with iMessage and images, broken push for Email, and Contact syncing issues.

These have all been reported within the last 24 hours which means that they are likely just the tip of the iceberg. Apple’s discussion forums tend to fill up with complaints in the days and weeks after an update is released. Fortunately, some of these issues already have possible fixes which users can find in the links above. Unfortunately, others don’t.

Users that continue to experience problems with battery life will want to take a look at our iOS 7.1 battery life tips and those that are dealing with other issues will want to keep an eye on Apple’s discussion forums for possible fixes. Performing a factory reset on a bugged iPhone or iPad should considered a last ditch option.

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The good news is that we’re not seeing, or experiencing, any hero level iOS 7.1.2 problems. Hero level issues impact a majority of iPhone and iPad owners and require a quick fix from Apple.

It’s not clear what is next from Apple. With an iOS 8 release rumored for September, it could be that those dealing with iOS 7.1.2 problems will have to wait until Apple doles out its latest and greatest iOS update. And even then, there is a good chance that iOS 8 will deliver some problems of its own.


  1. I just uploaded this and took quite a long time. after it had installed I noticed that it asked me for a new passcode and new apple id I tried to deny this but It wouldn’t let me, so I did what it told me to do and wanting to text my friend. I tried messaging her but it wouldn’t let me search. I then went onto my contacts and found out all my contacts had gone at this point in time I was really worried, I looked at my music and photos just thinking this was a glitch but it wasn’t. all my stuff has gone and there is no back up so unfortunately for me I am a victim of this mistake. I hope they try fixing this for me and in the mean time I shall try to get my stuff back.

  2. I am getting a goddamn samsung galaxy after this horsesh*t. The update froze and reset into RECOVERY MODE. Now I have a brick that wont reset and all the solutions I tried online failed. I treated my 4s with care since Oct. 2012, and was up for my upgrade eith verizon this coming October…only to be bricked by a software update. No more business from me for Apple.

  3. Issue since download to iPad. Even the cable that came with my iPad is unsupported with this device How the hell can that be apple. Since download the not charging is showing up in the right upper corner of screen when plugged in

  4. geezzz.. My ipad screen was stuck on the installation for hours. I was already thinking of taking it to the nearest istore. Thanks for suggesting a quick fix and got my ipad back to life and saved me time for not having to go to the istore. Apple better get their game up. This is dissappointing.

  5. Download and installation on iPhone and iPad was smooth for me. No apparent problems 24 hours later.

  6. I started the update. Then I shut the iPad down, and that is when the problems started. It showed the charging cable, which was pointed at the iTunes symbol. What do I do? Did I basically shut my iPad down. Please answer. I´m checking this website in a few hours.

    • I have the same problem on my ipad, using another ipad that installed fine, have you yet managed to solve the problem as mine is still showing the charging cable and iTunes symbol even after carrying out a hard reboot

    • Work for me too Chris, I didn’t have any problems at all I don’t think it took mine five minutes.

  7. Installed with no issues in 5-10 mins OTA, but why is the phone response so slow? I love the Apple device and will stick with it since my old Android left me stranded a few years ago with no battery life to make a emergency call. but anyways get it together

  8. Strange reading all the frustration.. I did OTA installation and it went smoothly with just over 2-3mins.. Rebooted my iphone5 immediately and everything works fine!

    Noticed a slightly better batt life too.. Dont know what everyone is doing but I’ve been lucky thus far with all my upgrades.. Be it on my iP5 or iP4!

  9. @alaska – I’m in precisely the same position as you. Have trawled a number of forums and no-one seems to be able to offer any advice other than a full reset, which I’m reticent to do at this stage. Update worked fine on my iPhone but my iPad is buggered. Extremely pissed.

  10. okay .. here’s my problem :
    1. everytime i pull nc grabber from upper of the springboard .. it crashes ..
    2. facebook cannot open youtube videos
    3. flipboard showing weird sripts …
    4. tweaks like springtomize 3, betternc7, hideme7 (bought these) doesn’t work properly ..

    load of shits from IOS 7.1.2

  11. Iphone 5- no problem updated in minutes.

    A “babied” iPad Air froze on the install screen about 2/3 rds of the way through. This was first ever issue with a download or any problem and I’ve had iPad 2 and 3 before. After an hour, thinking maybe I dropped wifi or something, I tried to turn it off- it wouldn’t turn off. So I did a reboot. The apple updating screen with a short horizontal line appeared, (as if it was updating,) and then it came back to normal quickly.

    So far no exceptional or obvious problems, I will really check it out this weekend.

    FYI my update was wireless but I also had my devices plugged in and charging. Of course I backed up my device before the update to the cloud and closed all apps, etc.

    Fingers crossed my iPad Air is ok.

    And thank you for this article!! Really appreciate hearing what others experienced!

  12. None of my aftermarket docks/interfaces work after the upgrade. Message on the screen says the cable is not supported.

    Great, Apple doesn’t make decent docks and now won’t let me use those made by others.

  13. Pessoal, após a atualização com ios 7.1.2, verifiquei que o safari apresentou uma instabilidade no giroscópio, ou seja, quando passa da posição vertical para a horizontal, a tela não preenche totalmente de imediato. Fica com aproximadamente com 75% da tela preenchida do lado esquerdo e os outros 25 % a tela fica em branco, alguns segundo depois que completa 100%. Usando outros navegares (opera – chrome) isso não acontece. Já realizei várias restauração, inclusive pelo nodo DFU. Alguém tem uma solução para esse problema?

  14. After installing 7.1.2 WIFI stopped working unless I bring the Ipad 2 feet near the WIFI router. this only happened to the Ipad 2 with wireless and WIFI

    • Update on my iPad Air went fine, however, since then, my wifi on the iPad is super slow and drops intermittently. Not liking this at all! Wifi is ok with my wife’s iPad Air and my Samsung GS3.

  15. Why can’t the download resume when it failed halfway? Why does it need to restart from zero? Resume download technology is not new and it prevent unnecessary re-load over and over again hence taking more and more bandwidth! Wasted so much time and still unable to update!

  16. For those having trouble with the update, try my method: Quit all open apps via the Control Center. (While you’re at it, clear your Safari history and cookies.) I don’t do so normally, but shut the device down completely and restart. Plug the device into the wall. Then do the update.

  17. I meant to add: Don’t install any update as soon as it becomes available, when traffic is high. Wait till everybody and their uncles are finished.

  18. Downloaded fine, but now my Ipad 2 is so slow on 3G it has become unusable: considering factory reset as last resort. Not good apple, Samsung products starting to look very attractive.

  19. Updated my phone today and now my iphone will not connect to my home wifi. All my other devices are still connected with no problems. Oh, that’s right, they are not apple.

  20. Thank you Adam Mills! Your suggestion worked perfectly. Halfway through the IOS upgrade, it got stuck. I left it there for 7 hours just to make sure it wasn’t running slow because I was using my wifi. I held the Power button and Home button for 12 seconds. It rebooted and the download finished in like 10 seconds flat. Everything appears to be working normal. Thank you again!

  21. I’ve tried hard reset a dozen times and it keeps coming back to the Itunes logo with the power cable – connect phone to the machine it’s registered to and NOTHING…no amount of hard resets will overcome the bug.

    I think its time to take it into the local Apple store and reinforce their legal obligations under Australian Consumer Law

  22. Duh. Re my previous post, quit all open apps in multitasking bar, not control center. Must have been drowsy when I typed that.

  23. my safari does not work very well at all after I downloaded the update the other day. I am in a bit of a marginal area but never had problems like this. I have a 4s. My battery life has been hard hit by a previous update. Is there a way to go back to an earlier setpoint and get rid of these issues?

  24. it crashed when I did the upgrade, now that it is “up and running” I can not watch movies, youtube, and it takes hours to download one song from itunes. any suggestions? I tried to shut it down, do the hard restart…still is slow and horrible. I am sad.

  25. Updated no problem but now, getting text message send failures to Android devices. Also, when getting messages from iPhones and via 3rd party IM application, the sounds are delayed by almost a minute.

  26. Reported previously poor 3G performance with my IPad 2, maybe because it’s old but now my IPhone 5 is demonstrating similar issues and it’s on a different 3G provider (O2 DE and Vodafone DE)

  27. My issues is since this most recent update my phone just shuts off. I have plenty of battery life, my apps freeze and the phone just shuts off and restarts itself. Very annoying. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled some of the apps that it was freezing on. Doesn’t seem to make a difference. Unfortunately, I can’t change to an android, my work uses the iPhone for business so I have to use it. This is soooo disappointing.

  28. I had no trouble downloading the app a few days ago. But now my phone is constantly searching for service. I’m going insane.

  29. Is anyone having problems with screen turning pink or purple or changing contrast until the poin of not being able to see it? Screen freezing altogether. Have done several hard resets to no avail problems make phone unusable. This update is the worst I have dealt with.

  30. Guys; I just went through the same problems…locking up after installing latest software revision. Tried the reset / restore option many times and did not work. Contacted Apple and they were helpful. In the end it came down to being connected to a USB 3.0 port!!! Apparently the devices do not always connect through USB 3.0 during an update. Changed to USB 2.0 port and things worked just fine.

    Worth a try if the other things on this discussion don’t work. Good luck!

  31. I just updated my Iphone 4s to 7.1.2 last night. Today as i was using it the screen went coloured and then faded to black. The phone is one but I cant see anything. I have tried restoring it but all the phone does when plugged into my mac is vibrate and get hot. my phone has been extremely well looked after and have never had any problems until this stupid update. Has anyone else has a similar problem or know of a fix?

  32. Wifi option has grayed out ever since this update on my iphone! Tried network resetting and rebooting etc without success.

  33. I updated my phone and now the chargers I have will not work with the phone. Is it really true I need an “apple approved” charger now?

  34. My initial update failed, crashed my iPhone 5, required me to connect to iTunes and do a factory reset…..which took 3 hours to finally complete. Thank goodness I had just backed it up before the update after reading about all the issues. I NEVER update without backing up first….but this is the first time I completely crashed. Working well today, though as always, time will tell…

  35. No problems with stuck in the update 7.1.2 iPhone 4S, but suddenly I cannot choose favorites or recent calls in phone app, or in lock screen I can´t unlockit , its like the touch screen is broken, in other random issue I tried to switch applications with menu button, nothing happened, so only a complete reboot, fixes these issues, 3 times in a row in a week, applications don´t respond until reboot, Apple needs to have a validated and stable version before the IOS 8

  36. After I installed the update I can’t watch videos on Facebook or YouTube. The error message is unable to play video check the strength of your connection and try again.

  37. Can’t open my facebook acct since installing the update. Everything else seems to be working fine. Does anyone know a fix for this?

  38. Ever since I updated to 7.1.2 I have to be within 2 feet of my wifi router to get a signal, and I can no longer download or update apps unless I am connected to wifi.. Even though I pay for a data package!

    We will need a solution soon, Apple. My upgrade is coming, and I hear Android calling my name!!!

  39. My messages keep going haywire I’ll be messaging say Sam but the it will change Flicker to say bob it’s bloody annoying wish I didn’t update so tired of apple not being able to get it right every single iphone has problems these days maya swell change to Samsung , I miss 3 now that company was good

  40. When i updated to 7.1.2, I got no problems. It just took a few minutes to complete the update. Now, my iPad Mini is working fine unlike when it was on 7.1.1..

  41. No problems updating to iOS 7.1.2 on my iPhone 5, iPad Air. Issues with an iPad 3 after install though, keeps crashing after 2 minutes.

  42. for me i face that the contacts suddenly dissapeae and then have to restart the iphone and wait 10 min then it back automoatically, also if i install any application i have to restart the iphone so that i can access this application otherwise the applciation didnt even appear in the disktop :( very stuiped update

  43. Tried update last night. The verifying screen spun for about 10 minuted then it went to the charging cable/iTunes screen. Tried to restore this morning. iTunes Store does not recognize my device. Unable to restore. Any ideas out there? Or is a trip to Apple store my only option? #pissed.

  44. This sucks. This update has so many bugs. I alao hate the fact that blocked numbers can still call you.

    Apple better fix this soon or else i’m really switching to android. I think most people will agree with that.

  45. I have tried all the suggestions above to install the 7.1.2 update and my iPad 2 says “An error occurred installing iOS 7.1.2. Any more suggestions?

  46. No wifi since the ios 7.1.2 update, according to Apple the wireless antenna is “fried”. Took it to a wireless repair shop and they say the wireless antennal is fine, it’s a software issue that has no fix at this time.

  47. Hi guys!

    Since I had updated my iPhone 4 to 7.1.2 the cellular reception is gone it is only on searching mood

    Any support from “APPLE” ???????

    I have tried all the things like restore, reboote and what so ever I find on these forums but still not solved the problem

    My I phone is no longer phone it is just an I

  48. Have an Apple IPhone 4s IOS 7.1.2. A few days ago my FaceBook App keeps crashing as soon as it has finished load edging the page.
    I’ve been told to un sync my photos yet I can’t get that far, because the App crashes after a few seconds of being loaded.
    Tried to go on web to arrange it from there. Facebook is fine there, so I know that it is a problem with the App and not with FaceBook.
    Been told that I can turn sync off yet I don’t see the button on the tip right of the screen once I’ve opened Synced photos. Please help I’m desperate!!!

  49. Since downloading IOS 7.1.2 safari search engine no longer functional, cannot retrieve email, pop up states connection to the server failed….what the h— is that all about…cannot download safari browser as well (I pad) very disappointed in Apple at the moment, I am thinking your rotten to the core…perhaps I’ll switch to samsung!!!

  50. After downloading the os 7.1.2, videos will download for a micro second then stop. When i push play, it does the same thing again. When i try to send an imessage, it gives me a message saying ‘error, it wasn’t sent. It won’t download apps or books. It looks like it’s trying to, but it takes so long that it times out. I wish I could go back to the previous OS. Verrrrry frustrating. In the future, when new OS updates come out, I’ll definately wait to see if there are major bugs before updating my phone. Can I go back to original factory settings?

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