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  1. Lui

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  2. TheTruthSquad

    There is a lot of truth of what you write but you have missed one of the main points of using Android and that is the walled garden of Apple. Maybe I would rather do something Apple doesn’t allow like not using their crappy keyboard. They are opening up a few things in IOS8 but it is too little, too late for me. If I only want to make a phone, I would buy a feature phone.

  3. Blaze

    Apple iPhone sucks ..screen to little .

    • Vladimir

      Not for long…iPhone 6 coming soon!

  4. jfreiman

    With the sole exception of item 6, all the things you point out are half-truths and are misleading.
    I appreciate that you have found the perfect walled garden for yourself, but the desperation you write with leads me to believe that you NEED users to buy Apple’s iProducts so that you can safely remain Apple faithful.
    I mean, what would happen to you cohesive iProducts if people started buying Nokia/Microsoft Windows Phones?
    Or, or oh no, lookout, you might have to install Skype! LOL

    • Blaze

      Lol..dude not for long is a little late in the game and still, the only way I would buy one , if the scree is the size of note 3 and you could actually put music on it w out iTunes and if there is a way, I don’t know of it w out jail breaking it. To eaches own. But to even say why the iPhone is still the best smartphone, is a little bias. Yea it was the best smartphone in 2007 lol! Thanks for the article tho.

  5. TheTruthSquad

    Amen, brother.

  6. Joey

    One of the best articles I have read for a while, i find the large Android phones unpractical to carry around, also that IPhone’s have excellent audio and touch latency compared to Android, very important for gaming and music apps..

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