iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air Photos Show Potential Upgrades

A new series of iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air photos show changes to the new iPad Air design, features and thickness. A new iPad Air 2 release this fall could bring a series of small, but important upgrades to Apple’s largest tablet, in time for the holiday shopping season.

A mock-up iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air photo set shows a number of potential iPad Air 2 upgrades that Apple may incorporate into a final design this fall. Unlike the iPhone 6, which should arrive with a completely new design, it looks like Apple will slightly redesign the iPad Air 2 design this year.

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Apple routinely keeps the same, or a very similar design for mobile products for two years, though it looks like this small change could mean all new iPad Air 2 cases and accessories.

A iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air comparison shows a slightly new design.
A iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air comparison shows a slightly new design.

The iPad Air is the larger tablet that Apple sells, with a 9.7-inch Retina display. Announced in late 2013, the iPad Air is thinner and slimmer than the iPad 4 that Apple sells for $100 less. In addition to the iPad Air, Apple also sells the iPad mini and iPad mini Retina with 7.9-inch displays.


Although this is not the first iPad Air 2 leak or mock-up, it is one of the better comparisons and it could help some users decide if it is worth waiting for a new iPad Air.

The gallery of iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air photos appear on ascii.jp, along with roughly translated text. Here is a quick look at the most obvious changes to the new iPad Air that this comparison shows. This is a iPad Air 2 mock-up designed by a case maker to test the fit of cases ahead of a release. It is designed based on rumors and leaks, so things could change. One reason these types of leaks play an important role in the rumors cycle is that they can offer an early look at a new product. We shared a rougher sample of the iPhone 5 ahead of release, which turned out to be right on the money.

No major differences show in this mock up iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air photo.
No major differences show in this mock-up iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air photo.

As the photo above shows, a iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air comparison will not yield major differences in design. The iPad Air 2 mock-up on the left looks very much like the iPad Air on the right. The screen sizes are the same and both look to be about the same size with the same bezels.

The biggest difference from this view is the Touch ID sensor in the home button. Many rumors back up TouchID support in the iPad Air 2 and the new iPad mini Retina update for 2014. With enhanced iOS 8 Touch ID support, including third-party apps, this is a feature we expect to see on all of Apple’s mobile products this year.

The iPad Air 2 may be thinner than the iPad Air.
The iPad Air 2 may be thinner than the iPad Air.

The iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air photo above shows a slight difference in thickness. The description is that the new iPad Air is about a millimeter thinner. A penny is 1.5mm thick, which may help you visualize the difference. Although 1 mm sounds small, on a device that is already 7.5mm thick that is a big difference.


On the right side of the iPad Air 2 mockup we see volume buttons that are longer, thinner and recessed into the device. There is also no physical switch on the side of the iPad Air 2. The switch on the iPad locks orientation or mutes the iPad. Control Center includes an orientation lock, do not disturb mode and holding the volume down button quickly silences the iPad. With these options in place this is an opportunity to remove another button from the iPad.

The iPad Air mockup includes a new speaker grill with larger openings, but it is not clear if this is to signify the area that cases need to leave open or an actual design change. When placed in an iPad Air case the iPad Air 2 mockup does not fit exactly. The camera is not in the right opening and the volume buttons do not line up.

Check out our iPad Air 2 rumor roundup for more information on what to expect from a new iPad Air in 2014. The iPad Air 2 release date may come in October, after an iPhone 6 and near an iWatch.

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