How to Watch the 2014 PGA Championship Livestream

We’ll show you how to watch the 2014 PGA Championship livestream so you can see the full Championship as it happens at the Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky, no matter where you are.

The PGA Championship starts today, and runs through Sunday August 10th at 7PM. You can watch the PGA Championship livestream starting today and through the entire 2014 PGA Championship on iPhone, Android, iPad and a computer. We also have some options for Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Lee Westwood, Kevin Chappell, Jim Furyk, Eduardo Molinari and Ryan Palmer are among the top players that viewers want to tune in to see, and with the free PGA Championship livestream it is easy to watch the championship if you have a computer or tablet handy.

Here's where you can find the 2014 PGA Championship live stream options.
Here’s where you can find the 2014 PGA Championship live stream options. Debby Wong /

The 2014 PGA Championship is broadcast on TNT from 1-7PM today, 1-7PM Friday and it starts earlier on Saturday and Sunday at 11-2PM on TNT and 2-7PM on CBS. These PGA Championship livestream times are Eastern.


We’ll show you the PGA Championship livestream options, and let you know what you need to do to watch the PGA Championship live even if you aren’t near a TV.

2014 PGA Championship Livestream Options

Here are the best aways to watch the 2014 PGA Championship livestream. There are multiple PGA Championship livestreams available, but the best source is the PGA itself.

2014 PGA Championship Livestream iPhone, iPad & Android

The best place to go looking for the PGA Championship livestream on iPhone or Android is to the 2014 PGA Championship app. This is a free app and it includes a free 2014 PGA Championship live video option that follows Par3, the Marquee Group and the Press Room.

Watch the 2014 PGA Championship livestream on iPhone, iPad or Android.
Watch the 2014 PGA Championship livestream on iPhone, iPad or Android.

You’ll need a reliable internet connection, WiFi or 4G LTE preferred, and you will need to download the app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device.


Once you download the app you will need to provide your zip code and email to access the 2014 PGA Championship live stream, but you will not need to pay for the access.

PGA Championship Livestream CBS Sports

If you want to watch this weekend, and would like to see the full TV broadcast instead of the options that the PGA Championship apps offer you can use the CBS Sports app including BlackBerry and Windows Phone options.

Fo the first two days you don’t get a PGA Championship live stream in the app, but you can see scores and leaderboards. On Saturday and Sunday when CBS airs the PGA Championship the app will offer a PGA Championship live stream to users.

Both of these options work on WiFi and on cellular networks, but you’ll want 4G LTE for the best viewing experience if you aren’t connected to WiFi.

2014 PGA Championship Livestream on PC or Mac

If you are on a computer the best place to go to watch a PGA Championship livestream is directly to the PGA Championship. They are streaming the Marquee Group, Par 3 and Press Room. All you need to do is offer your email and zip code or sign in with Facebook.

Here's where to watch the PGA Championship livestream on your computer.
Here’s where to watch the PGA Championship livestream on your computer. Tony Bowler /

Go here to watch the PGA Championship live on your computer. You can also click a link here to head out to the PGA Championship on TNT, but it currently is not working.

This option will show all the 2014 PGA Championship live and is the same source as the PGA Championship app. so you can watch on your computer or on your phone or tablet.

Users can also tune in to the CBS  Sports website to see the PGA Championship live stream on days and times where CBS is showing the tournament. Just like the app, this is on Saturday and Sunday from 2PM to 7PM Eastern.

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