Madden 15 Review: Is it Worth Buying?

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  1. bilbo So

    Pre-ordering your favorite game ?
    Don’t lose time with EBGames for one of their punk to sell your ultimate copy to one of his friends and then try to f*ck you with a rebate on another game for the price difference….

    Never again this will happen EBGames !!

  2. Peekineeze

    I tried to like Madden 15. I’m still trying because I don’t want my money wasted. It’s not happening unfortunately. Here are my gripes.

    1. There is less time for audibles on offense. For some reason you can only change one route until you get under center. This is irritating for someone who makes multiple changes before the snap.
    2. There is noticeably less time to make substitutions on defense. It just seems like I can’t make all the substitutions I want and call a play in time. This wasn’t an issue on previous versions. It’s a big problem for someone who likes to use different players with each defense to combat fatigue. This is my biggest issue.
    3. The play calling interface is unnecessarily different and I hate it.

    I thought I just needed to get used to the new interface and gameplay but I’m increasingly thinking Madden 15 sucks. I just put 25 back in and it is simply better. The only noticeable improvement on 15 is the tackling looks more realistic.

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