Madden 15 Problems Persist

Following a major Madden 15 release earlier this week EA is working to fix a number of Madden 15 problems that prevent gamers from playing online, from counting wins and in some cases getting what they paid for when they bought Madden 15 Ultimate Team.

EA is aware of four Madden 15 problems that prevent gamers from completely enjoying the Madden 15 release, but as we head into a long weekend when many players will finally have time to dive into the new Madden there are no estimated fixes.


If you plan to play Madden 15 on Labor Day weekend we suggest you check out these potential Madden 15 issues that you may run into, so you know what you can and can’t do to fix the issues. There are some Madden 15 problems you’ll just need to live with until EA is able to fix the problems.

Watch out for these Madden 15 problems that linger into the Labor Day weekend.

Watch out for these Madden 15 problems that linger into the Labor Day weekend.

For gamers that want to blame losing on Madden 15 glitches and problems, you’ll need to find another excuse as these won’t cost you the game, except in the record books when someone unplugs their network connection to avoid a loss. Instead of looking for excuses, check out 21 Madden 15 tips and tricks to get better at offense and defense.


Madden 15 – Missing Ultimate Team Content & Points

If you were able to enter your Madden 15 Ultimate Team codes, but you did not get the packs and points promised with a pre-order EA is aware of the problem. EA assures gamers,


We’ve investigated player reports of some users not receiving purchased Madden Ultimate Team Points and pre-order content and are currently in the process of granting affected players their missing items.”

There is no timeline, but hopefully you’ll see those Madden 15 MUT Pro Packs appear in your unopened packs area very soon.

There are more than enough Madden 15 problems about Pro Packs and the Ultimate Edition.

There are more than enough Madden 15 problems about Pro Packs and the Ultimate Edition.

Xbox Madden 15 Ultimate Edition Problems

Some Xbox players are not able to redeem their Madden 15 Ultimate Edition codes. This is separate from the missing packs. In that case the code applied, but not all the packs are delivered. Unfortunately EA is still trying to figure out this Madden 15 problem and the right fix. The status is currently,


We’re aware of an issue some Xbox players are experiencing when redeeming their Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition code. Our team is investigating this issue and working on a resolution as soon as possible”

Madden 15 Can’t Connect to EA Servers

The biggest potential Madden 15 problem is when you cannot connect to the EA servers. This will prevent you from downloading new rosters and other updates and may limit your ability to play Madden 15 online or use Madden Ultimate Team. There is no ETA on a fix for this problem that includes the error,

The EA servers are not available at this time. Please try again later.”

The only solution is to try again and to check EA’s twitter feed for updates.

One major Madden 15 problem is when you can't connect to the EA servers.

One major Madden 15 problem is when you can’t connect to the EA servers.


Madden 15 Connected Franchise Desync Problems

When you start up Madden 15 you may see a warning about Desync issues, which impact Connected Franchise Mode. This problem will record losses and wins wrong and can screw up your records. It is clearly one of the most frustrating Madden 15 problems.

According to EA, this problem is fixed, but there are still complaints about career wins and losses not being saved correctly. Hopefully these are just lingering complaints and the problem is really fixed.

The Madden 15 release arrived on Tuesday August 26th amidst connectivity issues on PSN and Xbox Live, but in the time since, gamers are finding it easier to play and to connect with friends in Madden 15.