Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Review from an iPad User

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  1. pkdecville

    “Xperia Z2 Tablet Software & Apps”

    (Subsection Title from Above)

    Don’t you think you could cover this in your review? The huge disparity in number of tablet resolution apps between iOS and Android:

    400,000 iOS iPad resolution apps

    ??? 5,000 ???? Android tablet resolution apps (What is the number? I’m just guessing.)

    Your intro:

    “This Sony Xperia Z2 tablet review shows you how the Xperia Z2 tablet compares to the iPad Air, and is written to help potential buyers decide which device is best for them.”

    I think you have your thumb on the scale. Pls remove it.

    • Artūras Šlajus

      Well there’s the thing: Android was not designed as iOS. In fact I’d say iOS is broken – you have to hardcode your app for every resolution. In Android the system is MUCH better and your app just extends to whatever resolution you run it at. There is no need to do tablet apps, unless you add a lot more value which iOS apps rarely do on their tabket versions.

      • pkdecville

        Hi Arturas,

        We can disagree. For me, the proof is in the numbers. Of the 1.5M iOS apps, 400,000 are iPad specific.

        Although iPad customization is easy for each iPhone app, I wonder why so many of these what you might call ‘low value’ apps are being written.

        “Where there’s money, there’s value.” – at least for millions of iOS iPad user owners that is.

  2. Nathan Ameru

    Turn off the vibration with the volume keys like ALL android devices

  3. bardofoc

    @Nathan. *LOL*

  4. Allen

    pkdecville I’m struggling to see what you are getting at, every andriod app is tablet compatible as the os opens the app at the resolution of the screen it’s on. There is zero need for dedicated tablet apps on android as It doesn’t need to be told the optimal resolution like ios needs to be.

    • pkdecville

      Hi Allen,

      Fair enough. Yes, Android does what you say it does. Write the app once and it wlll display on phones and screens. There are two issues in running an app on a 5″ and 9″ display.

      1 – Being able to do it. Yes. Android and iOS will display an app built for a phone onto a tablet display.

      2 – UX: The reason iOS developers write TWICE is to optimize the UI for both screen sizes. For example, the UI on the tablet should not look like a BIG pixel for pixel version of the phone.

      Experiment with this. Go to a BestBuy and place an Air next to any Andorid tablet. Now open several Apps that use on your Xperia. Compare.

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