Skylanders Imaginators Release Date Details & More

Video game publisher Activision sparked an entirely new kind of game franchise when it and studio Toys for Bob launched the original Skylanders. The toys-to-life category has had a very big two years. LEGO entered the space with last year’s Lego Dimensions launch. Disney Infinity’s shocking cancellation earlier this spring gives the toys-turned-games franchises a little less cache. With no presence at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the company revealed more about the Skylanders 2016 release today. Skylanders Imaginators will do what no other game in the genre has done before; It will allow users to create their own creature with the features and looks that they value most.

Skylanders Imaginators is coming to living room video game consoles and more soon. Here’s everything we know about the release.


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Skylanders Imaginators Story

Fresh off his loss with the Doomstation in Skylanders Superchargers, Kaos is back to terrorize Skyland. He’s gotten smarter this time though. Like all good villains, he’s realized that you have to fight an unstoppable force with another unstoppable force. For Skylanders Imaginators players that roughly translates into Kaos creating his own team of evil-doers to battle them directly. These creations are called the Doomlanders.

Skylanders Imaginators Release Date

Activision has always aimed to capitalize on holiday buzz with each year’s Skylanders release. The Skylanders 2016 release is no different. The Skylanders Imaginators release date perfectly positioned to make the game a must-have digital toy for the holidays and late fall shopping gift.


There are two Skylanders Imaginators release dates for users to consider. North American players get the game a little later than everyone else does on October 16th. Asia-Pacific shoppers can buy the game on October 13th. European users get the game on Friday, October 14th.


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Toys for Bob and Activision are going for the broadest reach possible with Skylanders Imaginators. The game is coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U at a time when the Xbox 360 and PS3 are being shunned by developers. The company has chosen to completely drop Apple’s iPhones and iPads from the Skylanders 2016 list of platforms.

You Can Create Your Own Character in Skylanders Imaginators

Typically, Skylanders rolls with a new theme each year. This gives the developers the chance to try something new and players a genuine reason for coming back. Last year’s edition introduced vehicles, for example. Skylanders Imaginators gives players the tools they need to create their own character.

Players get to choose their creation’s catchphrase, look, abilities and attacks using what’s available in the new creation menus. Plenty of games allow users to create characters, but only in their multiplayer experiences online. Skylanders Imaginators turns that on its head. The characters that players create are available for them to choose from in the game’s story mode and local multiplayer mode.


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Skylanders Imaginators creators can keep their characters with them on any version of the game made for another console. Creation Crystals allow for character storage. Each Creation Crystal focuses on a different element. Activision hasn’t said how much Creation Crystals will cost when they arrive on store shelves, unfortunately.

Skylanders Imaginators Has New Characters Too

The company understands that there are going to be shoppers looking for characters that the studio itself created. To that end, Skylanders Imaginators has a roster of over 300 different creatures to choose from. Players need only drop them on their Portal of Power.

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Senseis add some dimension to that 300 total. They’re masters of their craft that are able to teach the player’s created character unique attacks. Activision teases 10 new battles classes in the press release available on the Activision press site. Senseis come with special weapons, unlock higher level caps for player-made characters and unlock areas within Skylanders Imaginators.

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Unfortunately, Skylanders Imaginators won’t let story players take advantage of the vehicles they picked up for Superchargers, according to Polygon. Instead, they’ll need to head for the racing tracks that are included in the game separate from the campaign. The site says that Skylanders Imaginators will include the Skystones games.

Skylanders Imaginators Price

The last key bit of information is pricing on all of this. As the series revolves around physical toys, they’ve always demanded a premium when compared to games from other genres.

Activsion told Polygon that there’ll be a starter pack and Dark Edition starter pack. The basic Skylanders Imaginators starter pack will cost $74.99 when it arrives on store shelves. The Dark Edition starter pack will sell for a less modest $99.99. Each will include a Portal of Power accessory, two Senseis and a Creation Crystal. Separately, Senseis will cost $14.99. Creation Crystals will cost $9.99 each. It isn’t yet clear if the game will come in a Portal Owners pack for users that have the accessory already and just want the game.

We’ll definitely hear more about the Skylanders Imaginators release closer to launch. For now, it’s a good idea to browse though SuperChargers and finish anything that you haven’t already. Pre-orders for the game should start soon.