Best Xbox One Deals: $249 Xbox One & $50 Gift Codes

Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console doesn’t lead sales of current-generation gaming systems. It’s the underdog, the Windows 10-powered box that Microsoft hopes will help keep its foothold in the living room space secure. At $299, the Xbox One is a surprisingly cheap living room PC that makes playing games, streaming video and listening to music easy. Lately, the company isn’t shy about using Xbox One deals to drive the point home. In fact, lately, Xbox One deals haven’t been hard to find at all.

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Now is the perfect time to take advantage of savings Microsoft and retailers are running over the next few days and weeks for the Xbox One S and Xbox One.

Best Xbox One Deals – Microsoft Store

microsoft store


Any New Xbox One with $50 Gift Code & Free Game

Free Gift Code Xbox One Microsoft Store


The Microsoft Store is giving potential early adopters of the Xbox One S a few more reasons to purchase the console. Besides a free copy of either Just Dance Disney 2, Watch Dogs, The Crew or Just Dance 2016 buyers get a $50 gift code for the Microsoft Store to purchase accessories, more games or extras.

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Xbox One with 500GB of Storage for $249

At E3 2016, Microsoft introduced the Xbox One S, significantly smaller, sleeker Xbox One with a few hardware upgrades for those that have televisions with HDR support and 4K video support. This summer, a launch version with 2TB of storage arrives on store shelves for $399. Later this fall, Microsoft has a $299 version coming with 500GB of storage.

With new hardware coming, Microsoft had to discount the original Xbox One. First it knocked the console down to $279. Now, the Xbox One with 500GB of storage — with free games and all — is $249.99. Microsoft says the sale will only last while it has enough of the consoles left to sell.


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Refurbished Xbox One + Kinect for $299

Microsoft is selling Refurbished Xbox One consoles with a Kinect sensor for $299, $20 below what they’d sell for brand new. The bundle does not include a game. It does include 500GB of storage and a month of Xbox Live Gold.

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Refurbished Xbox One for $249

The Microsoft Store is the only place offering the Refurbished Xbox One Bundle. This bundle comes with a controller, headset and 500GB of storage but it is $249, lower than every other Xbox One deals.

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Best Xbox One Deals – GameStop

GameStop Black Friday 2015 ad deals

$150 in Trade-In Credit 

GameStop has long offered console owners the opportunity to offload their old consoles and games to save some money on the new things that come along. The boost in trade-in value that the company is offering right now can save anyone a lot.

gamestop trade-in deal

If you have an Xbox One in working order, the company is offering $200 to take it off your hands. That credit or cash can be used to purchase an Xbox One with more storage or extra accessories.


GameStop trade-ins have to be made at a retail store locally.

$299 Refurbished Xbox One Elite

Featuring 1TB of storage and a hybrid drive that allows it to start up faster than any previous Xbox One, the Xbox One Elite Console comes with an Elite Controller to match. Normally, the bundle would sell for $499, but GameStop has it available for $299 refurbished.

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Best Xbox One Deals – Amazon


Amazon has a lite helping of Xbox One bundles for shoppers to claim, man of which are no longer available in physical retail stores like Gamestop.

20% Off Xbox One Games

Amazon Prime Game Deals

Today, Amazon Prime just might be the best way to get groceries and all sorts of other extras. It’s also a cheaper way to get games for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Amazon Prime subscribers get $20% off any physical Xbox One game when they make that purchase with an Amazon Prime account. Amazon Prime costs $99 a year.

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Best Xbox On Deals – Best Buy

best buy gamers club unlocked

Besides selling used video games, Best Buy also has a premiere discount program for Xbox One games in its own right. The program is called Gamers Club Unlocked, and for $30 a year, Best Buy will discount titles for the Xbox One by 20%. A subscription to the program also includes a 10% boost in trade-in value, rewards cards for things that Best Buy sells and 10% off used games that you purchase.

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Good luck Xbox One deal hunting. Gotta Be Mobile will continue to keep this hub updated with the latest Xbox One deals available.