PlayStation 4 Pro: Everything That You Need to Know About PS4 Pro 

As everyone expected it to, Sony confirmed its plans to take its PS4 video game console into uncharted territory later this year. The company unveiled the surprisingly affordable PlayStation 4 Pro, a refreshed and enhanced version of the console it was already selling, but with more features for owners of 4K televisions. It’ll also improve the experience users have with one of this year’s most exciting new hardware releases.

Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro this afternoon in a briefing with media. Rumored for months, insiders claimed that the console would have an enhanced processor and more so that users could get even better looking games than they can with the current PS4. That’s exactly what the PlayStation 4 Pro packs.



Here’s everything you need to know about PlayStation 4 Pro, the next major video game console release happening this fall.

PlayStation 4 Pro Release Date

A while back, Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 4 Pro – then called the NEO – would come sooner than some industry insiders were speculating. Some rumors pointed to a release in 2017. Others hinted at a holiday arrival. It was the group of people teasing the latter that had their details right.


PlayStation 4 Pro release date is set for this holiday season. Specifically, Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10th. Doing so is a very smart move on the company’s part. It’ll be able to capitalize on the holiday shopping season and get out in front of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.


PlayStation 4 Pro Price

Eager to capitalize on a changing landscape, Sony also shocked with the PlayStation 4’s pricing. The PlayStation 4 Slim, a model with the same internals as the base PS4 launches in mid-September for $299. That model will replace the basic model that Sony has offered up until now.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will slide in at the high-end. That being said, it won’t be so expensive that users with big home entertainment upgrade plans think twice about making the purchase. The console will cost $399. That’s the same price that the base PS4 cost users when it launched and $100 less than the original Xbox One bundle.

Sony says that it named the console PlayStation 4 Pro to underscore its commitment to existing games. If a title is available on PS4 it’ll work on Pro. Pro games are only enhanced versions of PS4 games.

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Why 4K Television Owners Will Want a PlayStation 4 Pro

Those that already own or play to buy a television that supports 4K content and High Dynamic Range contrast are who the PlayStation 4 Pro is for.

The extra processing power and graphics processing allow the console to push 4K video to 4K televisions with ease. Amazon and Netflix both support 4K video streams. The standard is called 4K because it’s the equivalent to four times the high-definition quality most video content comes in today. This isn’t just specific to video content like it is with Microsoft’s Xbox One S console. Games will support 4K resolution too, though developers will have to create updates to their PS4 games that support the resolution.

The same goes for games that support HDR. Developers will need to rollout support for the feature. As such, there won’t be much in the way of HDR content initially. Over time, games with HDR support should begin to appear regularly. Video game publisher 2K Games recently confirmed NBA 2K17 would support HDR televisions, but hasn’t said if the PlayStation 4 Pro will get support for the feature too.

4K TV - Exciting Tech 2015

High Dynamic Range is a technology that boosts color contrasts. The idea is that things look more realistic since there’s a wider color gamut for developers to program for. Don’t go buying a new Pro console just for the HDR support though. Sony did confirm that older PS4 consoles will get HDR support through a software update soon.


Why PlayStation VR Buyers Will Want PlayStation 4 Pro

Those planning to purchase a PlayStation VR headset will want the PlayStation 4 Pro too, and exactly for the reasons rumors described.

Rendering virtual reality games is processor intensive. In the games we’ve seen shown on the PlayStation VR paired with a regular PS4, there’s clearly some downgrading in visual quality going on. Things don’t look horrible, but they also don’t look as crisp as the things that end-up on the Oculus Rift, for example.


Xing: The Land Beyond - one of the games coming to PlayStation VR.

Xing: The Land Beyond – one of the games coming to PlayStation VR.

PlayStation 4 Pro’s enhanced graphics will allow for more detailed PlayStation VR games, Sony’s Mark Cerny confirmed. To be clear, developers will have to do some work to support this enhanced fidelity. It won’t happen automatically.

Why PS4 Owners Might Want the PlayStation 4 Pro

Finally, there are few reasons that those who own a PS4 now might want to upgrade – even if they don’t have a 4K or HDR television set. The PlayStation Pro is compatible with HD TVs too. According to Sony, titles that support 4K will also look better on high-definition television sets, just not as great as on 4K sets.

Sony is also packing in a 1 Terabyte hard drive, which is perfect for anyone that finds themselves running out of space for their favorite titles on a regular basis.


One Major Reason to Not Buy a PlayStation 4 Pro

One strange thing that Sony has left out of the PlayStation 4 Pro upgrade is 4K Blu-ray support. Microsoft’s Xbox One S offers the feature, but Sony’s new high-end console wont. Sony hasn’t said why the feature was left out, just that it wouldn’t be there.

No doubt, Sony will have more information to share about PlayStation 4 Pro closer to release, including a line-up of games that support the technology at launch and in the near future. Mass Effect Andromeda and Insomniac’s upcoming Spider Man will both support the PS4 Pro.