6 2016 MacBook Pro Features We Want

The 2016 MacBook Pro is perhaps the most awaited Apple notebook of the last five years. So many users are waiting for Apple to add new MacBook Pro features that sales of Macs are down.

The team at Gotta Be Mobile are all waiting for the 2016 MacBook release date to arrive before upgrading, and we aren’t alone. We’re using aging MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks while we wait for Apple.

All signs point to a new MacBook Pro 2016 update in just over a week. Apple announced a special October Event where we expect to see a new MacBook Pro, Macbook Air and iMac.

The 2016 MacBook Pro features we want.

The 2016 MacBook Pro features we want.

As eager as we are to buy a new Apple notebook there are some specific 2016 MacBook Pro features we want to see Apple include to make the upgrade worthwhile.

This is especially important considering how long Apple holds on to MacBook upgrades. Unlike the iPhone that traditionally sees a new design every two years, the MacBook design sticks for a long time and we can wait even longer for Apple to add new features.

Essentially the MacBook Pro that Apple announces next influences the MacBook Pro that users will be buying for the next three to four years. Some users are even waiting to install macOS Sierra until a new MacBook Pro arrives.

It’s unlikely that Apple will deliver every MacBook Pro feature we want, we hope that the company is working on and ready to deliver.