10 Amazing Things You Can Do in GTA Online

When Grand Theft Auto 5 launched back in 2013, gaming was in a very, very different place. We’d spent years waiting for another take on the gritty, yet light-hearted petty criminal stories set in different cities. Grand Theft Auto 5 was all that people could talk about. The game’s launch was a feeding frenzy for Xbox 360 and PS3 users, despite the Xbox One and PS4 launches be close after. In some ways, it was those consoles’ last hurrah. Lots of the reviews focused on the story of Grand Theft Auto 5. Judging by what we’ve seen since launch, those pre-release assessments of the game should have focused a little more on GTA Online.


Grand Theft Auto Online launched days after the GTA 5 arrived on store shelves. In lots of ways, the two were similar. They took place in the same world of Los Santos. The radio stations and activities were the same too. You’re still a petty criminal trying to have as much fun and amass as much cash as you can. They come as part of the same purchase.

Create customized characters.
Their differences have made Grand Theft Auto Online unique. Whereas GTA 5 was you living someone else’s story, GTA Online was all about you telling your own story. For the first time, players could create their own character that looked just the way they wanted him or her too. Even better, the game wasn’t a solitary experience. Playing it required you to go online and pull off crimes with members of your friends list and gamers worldwide.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is a success story for the ages. It’s managed to stay at the top of sales charts and set records by letting users do an array of crazy, nutty and amazing things.


Run a Criminal Enterprise

Grand Theft Auto 5 Felony (1)


Break out your suit and recruit your crew, one of the latest things to be added to GTA Online has nothing to do with petty crimes at all. Once you’ve spent your time slumming it for money, you can buy an office and recruit your friends to work for you doing import scams and more. Even those in your crew take a share of the criminal enterprise profits.

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Buy a Mega Yacht


The most outrageous thing available for purchase in GTA Online isn’t gold plated accessories at all. It’s the giant mega yacht that was introduced into the game that comes complete with anti-aircraft defenses.


Dive Out of a Plane

Get more Stunt plane challenges with the Special Edition.

Want to see as much of Los Santos as you possibly can? Load your parachute after you’ve reached the appropriate level and go diving right out of that aircraft once you’re airborne. You can glide back to safety.

Buy a Matching Gold Aircraft

gta 5 chopper

For the ultimate show of wealth and power Rockstar gives users two ways to get around in the skies. One is a gold-plated helicopter. The other is a small private jet. Getting both will cost you thousands, but you’ll land looking like your bank account is full.

Go to A Car Show

gta online lowriders


In a recent update, GTA Online received new options for completely customizing classic rides at the game’s shops. We’re not just talking paint color either. These custom options are so detailed that players sometimes hold car shows so that they can show off what they’ve done with their rides.

Win & Create Stunt Races


Speaking of motor vehicles, don’t hesitate to try one of the new custom stunt races that the game offers.
Better yet, use the custom pieces and editor to create more custom stunt races to share with everyone else.

Get Murdered in the Street

marksman pistol gta 5


At the core of GTA Online is connectivity. You can see the other players in the game world along with you. Depending on your settings, you can even hear them.

Players are usually dead by the time they realize another player is near them. The game rewards vigilantes for killing off players causing too much mayhem. Even those that aren’t harming the state’s inhabitants can find themselves face down in a ditch. When players kill other players they pick up cash that they’re carrying.

Play in the Snow

grand theft auto 5 festive surprise

During the holiday season, Rockstar blankets the entire game world in a fresh coat of snow and adds in some snowball Adversary Modes for good measure.

Rob a Bank in Broad Daylight

Team up for missions in GTA Online.

It took Rockstar a long time to deliver Heists. The wait was worth it though. They quickly became one of the game’s most often enjoyed co-operative play modes. Through a series of setup missions and scams you and a team slowly acquire what you need to pull off a large robbery of some kind.

Heist leaders choose what attire the Heist requires and which players do what. They finance the entire operation. Everyone gets a big payoff once the larger mission is complete. The most memorable Heist involves robbing the city’s biggest financial institutions and escaping alive.

Create Your Own Motorcycle Gang


There are those for whom a suit and backroom deals aren’t necessarily well-suited. That’s why the recent Bikers update made it so that users could lead their own biker gang. These gangs have their own rules and own ways of making money, all the while riding off into the sunset in style.

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