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Team GottaBeMobile

Xavier Lanier, Publisher

Based in San Francisco, Xavier has worked in the technology sector for more than a dozen years. He is responsible for managing the site, writing news articles and reviewing gear. He also publishes Notebooks.com.

He earned a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Cal Poly, SLO.

You can contact Xavier at xavier@notebooks.com and follow him on Twitter @xavierlanier.

Adam Mills, Editor

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Adam comes to the Gotta Be Mobile Team after a stint at The Next Web. As one of the editors here at Gotta Be Mobile, he is responsible for writing, editing and keeping readers up to date on the latest mobile technology.

He earned a Bachelors Degree in History from San Diego State University.

You can contact Adam at adam@notebooks.com and follow him on Twitter @admillios.

Josh Smith, Editor

Based in Ohio, Josh is an Editor at Gotta Be Mobile with an emphasis on reviews and features, as well as managing the team of writers at Gotta Be Mobile. He is also an Editor at Notebooks.com.

Josh earned a MBA from Bluffton University.

You can contact Josh at Josh@notebooks.com or follow him on Twitter @Josh_Smith.

Cory Gunther, Writer

Based in Las Vegas, Cory is a writer with a passion for Android news, mobile gaming and Android how-to articles helping you get the most from your new device.

You can connect with him on Twitter or shoot him an email at Cory@notebooks.com.

Kevin Purcell, News & Reviews Writer

Based in North Carolina, Kevin is a news and reviews writer with an emphasis on iPhone and iPad accessories as well as iOS app reviews. Kevin brings over five years of mobile technology writing to the Gotta Be Mobile team.

You can contact Kevin at kevin@notebooks.com or follow him on Twitter @kapurcell.

Travis Pope, Writer

Based in Virginia, Travis covers mobile technology news. Travis is a Microsoft MVP with six years of technology writing experience.

You can contact Travis at Travis@notebooks.com or follow him on Twitter @harlemS.

Craig Lloyd, Writer

Based in Indiana, Craig is a writer with an emphasis on news, the jailbreaking scene and iOS how-to articles aimed at helping users do more with their devices.

You can contact Craig at Craig@notebooks.com and follow him on Twitter @craig_lloyd.

J.R. Nelson, Writer

Based in Canada, J.R. is a veteran technology editor who covers general technology news instead of putting his degrees to use.

You can contact J.R. at JR@notebooks.com and follow him on Twitter @jr_nelson.