15 Exciting 2015 PS4 Games
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15 Exciting 2015 PS4 Games



The Division

The Division

The Division Release Date - Spring 2015 - Pre-Order

Join the party as part of The Division, a group of people who appear to be regular citizens but are actually an elite group of agents who activate when New York City falls to a major pandemic and city services go offline. A manmade virus is at the heart of this game, but the group behind it is responsible as well. 

You'll take the role of these players in a game inspired by Operation Dark Winter, with story that will allow players to live out a Tom Clancy novel. This is a massive multiplayer online game that will allow players to take on AI enemies and other human controlled players. There will even be a mobile version that lets players act as a drone, according to a report from 2013. 

Watch Tom Clancy's The Division trailer below. This is a cinematic trailer, so you'll need to wait for real gameplay. 



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  3. Ronald Fox

    04/16/2016 at 2:17 pm

    Screw you and your adds that cover up the page controls. I’m off this site.

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