7 Exciting iPhone 6s Specs
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7 Exciting iPhone 6s Specs



iPhone 6s Storage Options

iPhone 6s Storage Options

It continues to look like Apple will not upgrade one feature for the iPhone 6s specs that will push many users to spend an extra $100 when they buy a new iPhone.

We've heard that Apple will upgrade the iPhone 6s storage options to start at 32GB, but a new leak suggests Apple plans to still start with a 16GB iPhone 6s model. A leaked package for an alleged iPhone 6s box shows a 16GB mark, which would leave the lineup the same as the iPhone 6.

  • 16GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB

With the iPhone 6 Apple upgraded the top two levels of storage to deliver double the amount of storage at the same price. Apple is making gains in iOS 9 in regards to the storage you need on the phone, and iCloud Photo Library allows users to shift photos and videos to the web for a monthly fee, but a 32GB iPhone 6s base storage size would deliver more breathing room at very little added cost to Apple.

Image via Steve Hemmerstoffer

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