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Apple TV 4 Rumors Point to Gaming & Controller Support



We’re just a week away from Apple’s iPhone 6s event where the company is planning to unveil a few new products, including the Apple TV 4, and rumors about the new streaming box keep heating up.

The new Apple TV is expected to be an overhaul over the current Apple TV 3, coming with a new design that will be thinner, but also a bit larger as far as surface area is concerned, although it’s unknown whether or not Apple will stick with the same black color scheme as the Apple TV 3, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the company changed it up a bit with the new model.

Furthermore, it’s already rumored that a brand new remote will be included with the Apple TV 4, and it’s expected to be a bit thicker than the current remote due to the inclusion of a touchpad that users will be able to take advantage of. The touchpad will make it way easier to navigate through menus.

The remote is also rumored to come with motion sensors, a lot like the Nintendo Wii remote, that will allow users to point the remote at the screen and control a cursor. This will be perhaps way better for navigation as well, and it could open up some avenues for gaming.


Speaking of gaming, a new report suggests that the Apple TV 4 will receive gaming support. According to 9to5Mac, sources have said that the Apple TV 4 will also be a gaming console of sorts, arriving with support for Bluetooth game controllers.

The report says that the Apple TV 4 will have a built-in app store where users can download games directly to their set-top box and control them with the included remote. You’ll also be able to connect Bluetooth game controllers that were released a while ago for the iPhone and iPad, although we’d really love to see PS4 controller support, since it uses Bluetooth.

Gaming support for the Apple TV has been rumored for a long time now, so we’re certainly not surprised to hear about it again as we get closer and closer to Apple’s event next week.

As for other rumors, the Apple TV 4 is said to gain Siri support, allowing users to navigate around the Apple TV just by using Siri if they want. It’s also rumored that the remote will come with a built-in microphone, which will facilitate Siri and act as the device to transmit Siri commands.


It’ll be a lot like the Amazon Fire TV with its voice search capabilities and a button that you press on the remote to activate it, but Apple may throw in some new bells and whistles with it.

The Apple TV 4 is rumored to be priced at either $149 or $199, as Apple is said to still be finalizing the price point for the new streaming box, but the Apple TV 3 is expected to stay in the lineup at an affordable $69, as the current model received a price drop back in June from $99. Furthermore, the refurbished Apple TV 3 now only costs $59, almost putting it into instant-buy territory.

In any case, even a $149 price point for the Apple TV 4 could be a tough pill to swallow, especially since most streaming boxes are priced at $99 and under, with the Fire TV Stick costing less than $40. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what features all come with the Apple TV 4 and whether or not all of those cool new features justify the price tag of the new streaming box from Apple.

However, if the Apple TV 4 ends up being everything that people are expecting it to be, it’s easy to believe that consumers will spend over $150 for the box.

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