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AT&T Nano SIM Spotted



As the new iPhone 5 will be moving from the micro SIM cards employed on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to a new, smaller nano SIM card to conserve space, wireless carrier AT&T is beginning to stock up on nano SIM cards at retail stores just in case something goes wrong with the nano SIMs that are shipped with the phones. We’re getting a glimpse of the smaller nano SIM format from the front and rear in recent photos with AT&T’s ‘Rethink Possible’ branding.


The photos were of the SIM cards were posted on 9to5 Mac and on Phonedog.


The new nano SIM format is said to be some 40 percent smaller than existing micro SIM cards.

In addition to AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint will also be carrying the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth largest carrier, will also be stocking nano SIM cards in its stores in the hopes that customers with an unlocked iPhone 5 will want to leverage the power of its 42 Mbps HSPA+ network rather than going with traditional iPhone carriers. T-Mobile’s strength lies in the affordability of its rate plans and the carrier has begun to offer unlimited, un-throttled data for post-paid customers.

Previously, we had reported that it would be possible, with a little work, to cut down existing micro SIM cards to fit the nano SIM holders in the iPhone 5. That process will not only require users to trim away some of the excess plastic area surrounding the SIM card’s gold contacts, but will also require users to file down the thickness of existing micro SIM cards as the nano SIM cards are thinner as well.

Currently, at the time of this writing, the only known phone to support the nano SIM is Apple’s iPhone 5. In the future, likely, more manufacturers will be moving to this standard as it will allow them to use the extra space due to the smaller SIM size for other components, such as a larger battery, or to create a thinner phone.

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