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CES 2016

Boogie Board Intros Two Affordable Slates to Teach Writing, Drawing



Boogie Board introduced two new writing slates at CES 2016 that can help teach kids how to write and draw. The Jot 4.5 is a smaller device with a transparent display that can overlay flashcards and smartphone apps. The Scribble n’ Play is a larger slate that has several writing utensils and a full-color display.

Boogie Board has sold writing slates designed to replace scratch paper around the house for years. More recently, the company’s added products to help kids learn how to draw and write without wasting paper. The electronic ‘magic’ of writing on an LCD can help keep younger children fully engaged.


The yellow writing utensils attach to the Scribble n’ Play and produce different strokes on the writing surface.

Children can practice addition on the Jot 4.5 with the included flash cards. A Boogie Board rep said there will be a compatible iPhone app for the Jot 4.5 when it is released later this year.

This isn’t Boogie Board’s first foray into education. The company released a product called Play ‘n Trace in 2015 that sold incredibly well. Heading into the holiday season, it was nearly impossible for the company to keep up with demand and parents couldn’t find the device at popular resellers such as Amazon. The Play ‘n Trace can be used to trace anything on a piece of paper or with a writing app Boogie Board includes for free.

One of the things we love about Boogie Board’s two new products is that they’re very affordable. The Jot 4.5 has an MSRP for just $19.99 and comes with a stack of flash cards with letters and simple math problems. The multicolored Scribble ‘n Play will retail for just $29.99. Both products will begin shipping in July 2016.

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