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Disney Infinity 3.0 Deals Bring Savings for Savvy Shoppers



The Disney Infinity 3.0 release date was just this past Sunday, but already retailers are hoping to capitalize on the latest entry in the toys-to-life category with deep discounts and savings. Great Disney Infinity 3.0 deals include free figures and more.

Electronics retailer Best Buy was among the first to unveil a Disney Infinity 3.0 deal this week. Target unveiled some savings of its own too. Disney Infinity 3.0 is a video game for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3 and PS4 that lets users buy figurines that they have an impact on gameplay. For example, buying a toy inspired by Disney’s Inside Out puts that character in the game for users to play as. Disney Infinity 3.0 includes some huge improvements. Mainly, a hub world, new Star Wars focused story and upgraded items for its Toy Box creative mode.

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Disney Infinity 3 (4)

Best Buy’s Disney Infinity 3.0 deal includes savings on the things that matter to players most: figures and power discs. Anyone who purchases three different Disney Infinity related items gets a free Power Disc or character to add to their game at no extra cost. Best Buy says that to get the savings shoppers can purchase a Disney Infinity 3.0 starter kit, playset and a single figure, three figures, or a playset and two figures. To be clear, this Disney Infinity 3.0 deal is available on Best Buy’s website. Shoppers should be able to match it in stores too. Best Buy also has a discount program that’ll let users get another 20 percent off every Disney Infinity 3.0 item they purchase, just as it does for all games and gaming accessories. Best Buy calls this program Gamers Club Unlocked.

Disney Infinity Best Buy Deal

General retailer Target’s Disney Infinity 3.0 is a bit more straight forward, but slimmer in savings. All Disney Infinity 3.0 characters sold by Target are 2 for $10. Normally, a Disney Infinity figure costs $12.99 before taxes and surcharges. Target says that the deal will only last until September 6th. The retailer also notes that no Disney Infinity characters on clearance count towards the promotion.

target disney infinity 3.0 deals

GameStop, the worlds largest gaming-specific retailer doesn’t have any Disney Infinity 3.0 deals generally, but is discounting everything it sells in the toys-to-life genre of games. Pre-owned Disney Infinity bases and figures are as little as $2.99.

Toys R Us delivers some serious savings with a limited time Disney Infinity 3.0 deal of its own running this week. Anyone who purchases a Disney Infinity figure there gets another for half off its original price. To be clear, this deal only relates to the singular figures in the series. Toys R Us is also slashing the price of Disney Infinity 3.0 figures for 40% when shoppers purchase the Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack. This discount applies to any 3 three figures. That’s some pretty hefty savings, provided users are willing to spend a significant amount of money for the best Disney Infinity 3.0 experience in the first place.

disney infinity toys r us

Disney Infinity 3.0 is the biggest update in the series to date. Whereas last year’s entry added Marvel comic book characters, this year’s game includes characters and a unique campaign taken straight from the Star Wars universe. Characters that should have a light saber do, and the game’s combat is completely upgraded so that there’s more strategy involved than just mashing buttons. Investing in the Starter Pack is the best way for newcomers to get into the series since the game requires a wireless base to communicate with video game consoles. Users who have Disney Infinity 2.0 or the original game should be able to repurpose their bases and use them with Disney Infinity 3.0 effortlessly.

The Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack is $64.99 in store. Users with a base can purchase a digital copy of the game for $29.99 from the Xbox Store. The PlayStation Store has Disney Infinity 3.0 downloads available for just $19.99. In both cases, users need at least a base and a compatible figure.

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