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Gold iPhone 5s Selling for Thousands on eBay



Apple released the iPhone 5s today to much fanfare; so much, in fact, that the gold version sold out within minutes on Apple’s website, and only Apple Store locations had most of the supply, leaving carriers and retailers left out to dry as far as receiving any gold models. However, you can still grab a gold iPhone 5s, but you’ll be paying big bucks for it.

eBay listings have already shown up, with gold iPhone 4s owners selling their newly-obtained models in the flesh. The highest sold listing that we’ve seen so far is a listing that sold a 32GB iPhone 5s in any color that the buyer wanted, including gold. This auction scored 80 bids and finished off at a whopping $3,050.

However, that was definitely on the high side from what we saw. There were a lot of listings that sold for in the $1,500 range, and even some that ended at under a $1,000. So, basically, if you look for a good price, you can find it, but you’ll be paying a lot more than the sticker price for it.

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The iPhone 5s is hard to get right now. While a lot of carrier stores had plenty of stock available even after the initial wave of consumers, inventory has been slowly dwindling all day, making it harder and harder for late-comers to get the model they’re wanting. Now, folks who nabbed a unit are giving those a chance to buy one that missed out, except they’ll be paying a late fee of sorts.

However, the gold iPhone 5s is as almost a rarity as gold itself, and the color sold out almost instantly, while only those at the front of the line were able to grab one. At first, gold models instantly slipped to an October ship date, but now we’re seeing them slip to a November ship date. That timeline will most likely only get worse.

However, Apple is ordering its suppliers to increase production of the gold iPhone 5s by 33% in order to meet “incredible” demand, as Apple puts it. This means that we should be seeing gold iPhones make their way around sooner or later; hopefully folks can get theirs in time for the holiday season if they’re getting one for a significant other.

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