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How to Disable Galaxy Note 4 Automatic App Updates



When it comes to using a smartphone like the impressive Galaxy Note 4 loaded with tons of features, options, advanced controls and more, sometimes it can get a bit confusing. One thing we constantly get questions about are apps that update automatically, so here we’ll explain how to disable that from happening on your Galaxy Note 4.

For those with a new Note 4 that don’t want to be bothered every few days with a notification to update applications on the Google Play Store, you can simply set them to auto-update. On the flipside, many user want total control, so here we’ll go over how to enable, or disable automatic app updates.

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If you don’t want your device updating on its own, or rather not be bothered by tons of notifications to update apps on your Galaxy Note 4 there are a few easy ways to solve the problem. The Google Play Store has a few simple and easy to find settings to do this, and the images below will show you what settings to change. Something extremely helpful to first-time smartphone owners, or beginners.


It is extremely easy to set up the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to update all your apps automatically. In fact, apps are updated automatically without any interaction from you. That said, many don’t want this, or want to only update over Wi-Fi to save data and not go over their carrier allotment. Whether or not you should do this is up to you, and here’s how.


This is a setting that isn’t in the Galaxy Note 4 system or phone settings, and instead has everything to do with the Google Play Store where you get games, apps, or music. Simply head to the Google Play Store by tapping the icon on your homescreen, or by finding it in your application tray.

Once you’re in the Google Play Store users will need to tap the top left (3-lines) menu button next to the “Play Store” writing. This retrieves a slide-out settings menu from the left, and this is where you’ll head to settings for the Google Play Store. Tap the slide-out menu, then select “Settings” near the bottom from the list of options.


This will bring you to the general settings for the Google Play Store. In here you’ll see the second option listed is “Auto-update apps” and you’ll want to select this. You’ll then see a popup appear with three options. Likely it’s set to automatically update apps, which is nice, but if you want to disable that you can do so here as well.

Simply tap to select “Do not auto-update apps” and you’ll have to manually update apps moving forward. However, this means you’ll constantly get notifications that new apps need to be updated, and it won’t do it automatically. I prefer to control what apps update, and when, so this is the setting I use.


You’ll also notice an option to auto-update apps whenever, no matter what connection you’re using. This will use your 1, 2, or 5GB data plan, and could have you reaching your limits if you download music, movies, or big games. This confirms data charges may apply, so you’d probably want to set it for WiFi only.

It’s best to update apps over WiFi to save data, not to mention many home internet connections or WiFi spots have faster speeds than your smartphone. It’s also worth noting that in here you can also uncheck the feature that automatically puts icons on your homescreen whenever you download an app. This is nice, but if you download a lot you’ll quickly fill up all those homescreens with icons. Keep it clean, and disable this while you’re in here.

What Should You Choose?

Casual smartphone users or those new to Android may just want to let the smartphone do everything for them. I know my parents hate getting notifications for updates all the time, so they have it set to auto. Personally, I’d rather control what updates, and look at changelogs and permission requests, so I do it all manually.

If you use auto-update you won’t know what’s new, because you didn’t read it when updating the app. You’ll just notice changes to popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, or even games you may enjoy.

In the end it’s all about personal preference. How much time you want to spend messing with apps and manually updating apps, or just let your phone do all the work for you. Select what’s best for you, and change it as you see fit.



  1. Lily

    06/20/2015 at 11:28 am

    Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. Just bought my Note 4 and has many irritating auto features that I didn’t know existed. I don’t like not having options not to set it to my liking and seeing it doing things without my knowledge.
    Another is to remove the Amazon Prime app ( plus more) since I don’t ever use it. It runs by itself..even when I force it to stop, it just comes back on when I reatart the phone.
    Another is the burst shots from the camera. I read that is automatic if pressed on shutter for 1 extra second and also in AUTO mode. Just because I don’t want BURST mode (how about just leave it out) I can no longer use AUTO mode ? So far, I have been deleting these duplicates more than wanting to use this feature ( which has been zilch so far).

  2. Earl

    06/22/2015 at 1:37 am

    I have turned off the Google Play auto updated on my Note 4 but it is still auto updating on Galaxy Apps now which only has two options: (1) Via Wi-Fi only (2) Whenever available. I have 2 phones and I tether the Note 4 to my other phone which is prepaid as I have received nasty surprises in my account in the last 2 months. Problem now is that it is gobbling up the prepaid data since it recognises “Wi-Fi”. Galaxy Apps Auto update apps is ‘turned off’ but now and again I will find the phone downloading without my permission and the worst thing is that it is updating apps I will never use in my lifetime that come preinstalled and are impossible to delete. How does one get rid of apps they do not need that come preinstalled?

    • someguy

      08/10/2015 at 12:02 am

      got to data usage > Mobile Hotspots and you can set wifi networks to be recognised as mobile data

  3. court

    07/07/2015 at 6:58 am

    I am having the exact same ISSUE as Earl from 6/22. How do I set my apps to download ONLY when selected? I turned off auto update and my apps are still updating automatically over wi-fi. I don’t like that at all!!!

    • clemine

      08/20/2015 at 5:39 pm

      And I am having the same problem. The developers seem to think wi-fi is always free. Not so with mobile hotspot. I turned off auto update and my apps are still updating automatically over wi-fi.

      Don’t seem to be able to find this setting…
      got to data usage > Mobile Hotspots and you can set wifi networks to be recognised as mobile data

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