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MLB The Show 16 Release Date: 8 Things You Need to Know



The MLB The Show 16 release date is finally here, offering a chance to play in the big leagues while you watch MLB Opening Day 2016. If you love to play baseball games this is your choice.

Every year there is a new MLB The Show release that delivers a new roster, new visuals and options. This year the MLB The Show 16 release date ushers in new play modes, new perks and a lot of upgrades.

The MLB The Show 16 release date is March 29, 2016 and it applies to the PS4 and the PS3. There is no Xbox One MLB The Show 16 release and there is no PS Vita version this year. if you buy The Show on PS4 you get better looking graphics and a better overall experience, but if you settle for PS3 it is a cheaper game.

Now that you can play MLB The Show 16 on PS4 and PS3 we want to share what you need to know about problems and other release day tips.

We have something in this list for everyone; fixes for problems and bugs, what’s new in MLB The Show 16 compared to last year’s version, pre-load information and more.

Click through the images below to find the information you need to be prepared for the release.

MLB The Show 16 Release Date & Time

MLB The Show 16 Release Date & Time

The MLB The Show 16 release date is March 29th for the PS4. The great news for gamers who have yet to upgrade to the PS4 is that there is a PS3 MLB The Show 16 release date coming at the same time.

The MLB The Show 16 release time is 12 AM Eastern on March 29th. If you buy the game digitally on the PlayStation Store you can pre-load the game and play right at midnight.

This also means that gamers in other time zones can play at the same time, so 9 PM Pacific on March 28th.



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