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More Video of the Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid



The Dell Inspiron Duo made quite a splash at IDF 2010 when it debuted on stage on Tuesday. Yesterday the Inspiron Duo made another appearance, this time at Intel’s App Up Elements conference. I didn’t get a chance to see it in person since I was speaking on a couple of panels, but some of our friends did.

JKK shot a quick ‘fingers on’ video as Dell’s still playing it safe with demos and doesn’t want people to play with it to much. It is still of course a prototype and there’s often bugs in new devices that aren’t too flattering on camera. The Dell rep said that they’re not disclosing battery life yet, which likely means it’ll be nothing to write home about.

Nicole Scooter from filmed part of the Dell product manager’s presentation.

And Chippy from UMPC Portal shot a demo of the Dell Inspiron Duo being used to demo a video game in slate mode.

As you can see in the video, the Inspiron Duo’s flip mechanism rotates the screen 180 degrees in one direction. The biggest issue with this device that I see so far is that it’s a gloss monster. The display is a fingerprint magnet due to the fact that users will be touching it to both rotate the it and for tapping.

I look forward to spending soem time with this device when it’s closer to launch.

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