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Tile Slim 4 Packs Only $70 after 30% Off



Tile Slim, the world’s thinnest tracking device is on sale for a limited time. Four packs of the trackers are available for $70 through March 18 after a 30% discount. These tracking devices work with iPhones and Android devices to help find lost wallets, bags, laptops and more.

If you’ve ever had trouble finding your phone, keys, wallet or any other essential item, you should consider buying Tile Slim. These small digital tags work with an app to keep track of them using your phone’s Internet connection. Tile’s system will  even update  your lost item’s  location by using other Tile users’ phones.

These water-resistant tags are thin enough to easily attach to just about anything. They’re about as thick as two credit cards, which means you can stow one in your wallet or purse. When you misplace an item all you need to do to find it is tap the Tile App on your cell phone and a loud alarm will sound. If you don’t hear it right away, you can look at the app’s map to find your item’s last known location.

You can also buy individual Tile Slim units run $30 each, but we recommend buying the four packs to get the full benefits of the system. If you misplace your phone, all you need to do is press a small button on any connected Tile Slim and it will set off an audible alarm, even if your phone is on silent mode.

Spending $70 on a tracking system might not be at the top of your to-do list, but it’s pretty cheap insurance for some of your most valuable items. Head over to Tile’s website to grab this deal before it’s over.

This deal brought to you by Tile.

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