10 Things to Know Now About the iOS 9.2 Release

Three days ago, Apple released its third iOS 9.2 beta and this new version has confirmed several new details ahead of the iOS 9.2 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The iOS 9.2 update is confirmed but we’re still waiting on a public release. The update is currently available for developers and beta testers but we still don’t have any official iOS 9.2 release date for those outside of the beta program.

The release date remains a mystery but we do know that Apple is making progress behind the scenes thanks to the iOS 9.2 beta.


Earlier this week, Apple released its third iOS 9.2 beta dubbed iOS 9.2 beta 3. iOS 9.2 beta 3, as the name suggests, is the third iOS 9 beta. It arrived just a week after the release of the iOS 9.2 beta 2 for developers and public testers in the Beta Software Program.

Over the past three days, developers and testers have dug into the new update and they’ve discovered some new details. These important details include information about the iOS 9.2 update’s performance, new bugs, new features, and more.

With those in mind, we want to take an updated look at the iOS 9.2 beta, the iOS 9.2 update, and the iOS 9.2 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 9.2 won’t come with 150 new emojis for the iOS keyboard but it will be an important update for devices capable of running iOS 9. There’s also a good chance it will be the next iOS update that Apple rolls out.

iOS 9.2 Release Date

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iOS 9.2 Release Date

The release of iOS 9.2 beta 3 means that Apple's taken another step towards the public release of the iOS 9.2 update. 

The new iOS 9.2 beta doesn't confirm a specific release date but we do have a potential iOS 9.2 release window from a trusted source. 

The detail comes from the well-sourced Mark Gurman from 9to5MacGurman says that the iOS 9.2 update will "likely bring support for the new American Express Apple Pay partnership for Canada and Australia." 

Earlier this year, Apple confirmed that support would arrive before the end of the year (2015). If Apple promises something, it usually delivers. 

So as of right now, there's reason to believe that the iOS 9.2 release date will arrive sometime later this year for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 

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