$100 Tablet from Maylong Now at Walgreens

Well that didn’t take long. But maybe it will be a short trip. I predicted awhile back that at some point in the great Tablet/Slate race we’d see these devices at places like Walgreens and CVS priced below $100. Guess what? According to the Boy Genius Report, Walgreens is going to be selling the Maylong M-150 Tablet for $99.99 like beginning now.

Before you get all excited and head to Walgreens to pick up a Tablet when you get your flu shot, keep in mind that to hit that price this 7 inch Tablet is running Android 1.6, which to my mind for Android Tablets would be like purchasing a new laptop with Windows 98 on it. The resolution is 800×400 on a resistive display, so don’t expect all that touch screen fun that you might see on devices with capacitive screens.

But, then again you get what you pay for.