1st Person Plural Tablet: The WePad

I guess if you aren’t happy being alone with an iPad you can opt for a WePad. Being developed by German company Neofonie, this is another Tablet/Slate that aims to be what the iPad isn’t. It has an 11.6 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. It’s powered by an Intel Atom N450 with GMA 3150 graphics. Battery life is only promised at 6 hours which isn’t a plus. And it is running Android.

Neofonie seems to be attempting to build an infrastructure around the WePad as of course there is an App Store. They’ve got a Facebook Fan Page running with quite a few followers where you can download some info pages on the device. There’s also USB ports and a memory card slot. Yes, it runs Flash and the specs also say you can multi-task. Of course there is no word on price or delivery dates, but you can send an email to be contacted when pre-order info is available.

This, like many of the Tablet/Slates we’re seeing looks intriguing but the proof is in the pudding for both We an I.