Found a Great Deal? Share it With Us!

If you’ve found a fantastic Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal that would appeal to our readers, please share it with us here. Oh, and be sure to check out all of our Black Friday posts with links to stores and deals that you’ll definitely want to visit.


  1. GoodThings2Life says has the Patriot 128GB Solid-State Hard Drive that I have had my eye on for $370 + a $70 mail-in rebate. This is compared to its retail price at $550 and the $495 I found it for on Amazon.

    The drive has gotten a lot of mixed performance reviews by users (especially on Vista), but according to the posts on Patriot's support forums as long as the XP/SP2+ or Vista/SP1+ is installed and the latest BIOS and chipset updates are installed on the systems the issues have largely been resolved.

  2. Jim says

    The following were more than 50% off at Sikooba website and will fit a lot of the smallish tablets on the markety. Then if you buy something to get an order up to $50 dollars and use the gottabemobile 25% off coupon plus a free cable casea as per the gottabe mobile coupon–it is a sweet deal.

    x Skooba Sleeve, Compact (710-102) = $19.95
    Color Gray/Orange
    1 x Skooba Skin Micro-DISCONTINUED SIZE (725-007) = $12.48
    Color Brown Corduroy w/ Teal Lining

  3. Todd G. says

    Thanks Jim! I hadn't seen that post, but your tip and the search engine, and $38 later I have three laptop bags on the way (and maybe the cable organizer?)… GREAT deal. Thanks!!!!

  4. Jim says

    Todd–they confirmed my free organizer right after I sent my email as per the instructions. Glad my posting helped, and thanks for posting–it is good to know taking the time to comment helped somebody.

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