Try to Carry This Tablet PC Around!

Check out this video of what I guess you could call a ‘Tablet PC’.  I don’t think anyone out there would call this very mobile that’s for sure!  It’s called the Sutherland Sketchpad and it was developed by M.I.T Lincoln Laboratory.  Maybe we take for granted what we carry around in our arms today? :)


  1. Xavier says

    Nice find Matt! You notice at the end of the video the screen reads “M.I.T Lincoln Laboratory tx-2.” I wonder if there’s any coincidence with HP naming its consumer tablet the “Pavilion tx2″.

  2. aswfreak29 says

    Wow, if they only knew back then how much us mechanical engi’s would learn to rely on CAD.

  3. mike says

    That’s what I was thinking watching this.

    10 ton CAD!
    The original, from M.I.T. Lincoln Labs!

    I bet the computer running that thing is bigger than my house.

  4. soydeedo says

    That was amazing. Like ynohtna, I was expecting something much more primitive, but that was great. They even had gestures! =)

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