Google Apps finally out of beta (β) testing

Good news, everyone! Your arduous testing and re-testing and testing again of Google’s Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Talk services have finally paid off. Google has finally moved them out of beta testing, as signified by the “beta” label being removed from their logos. Otherwise, the products are completely unchanged. Nada. Zip. Same service, no “beta” label. Kudos to all the β-testers.

Via Lifehacker


  1. Andrew says

    Don’t use ‘ß’. That’s not a beta. ‘β’ is a beta. ‘ß’ is the ligature double-s character.

  2. Sumocat says

    Andrew: My bad. I grabbed the character off a new service/site I’d been trying instead of my usual character list, and failed to notice the difference. Corrected.

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