Lenovo S12 Rocks

In addition to evaluating the Lenovo S10-2, I’m also evaluating a Lenovo S12. Like Xavier, I’m hesitant to call the S12 a netbook as it is essentially a 12″ notebook that runs the Intel Atom N270 processor. However, it is just as portable and a wonderful mobile device. The timing is good as I’m also presenting some inexpensive netbook and portable notebook choices to a customer on Wednesday.

What I really like about the S12 is the larger keyboard and higher resolution. There is nothing like typing on a full size keyboard on a light weight system. In addition, the power cord for the S12 is really long, which is  a huge plus when trying to find that rare power outlet in a coffee shop or hotel room.

My first impressions are that the S12 strikes the perfect balance between affordability, mobility, and functionality. With the 1280 x 800 resolution, larger keyboard, slighly larger screen, decent netbook type performance, long battery life, and $499 price tag, I’m not sure why anyone would choose anything different. It seems to be the perfect blend of ingredients (minus a digitizer, of course), to fit inexpensive mobile computing on the go.

Our family is headed out of town for a few days to Estes Park, Colorado and we’ll be taking the S12 with to play with. I’ll also be bringing my Windows 7 equipped Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC with me to get some work done after settling in at night (I do a lot of ink notetaking you know). We’ll be sharing an online connection using my Verizon equipped MiFi.


  1. Amitai Rosenberg says

    Cool. How’s it’s performance?
    Does it feel too big compared to other netbooks?

  2. Rob says

    Perf is right on par with a 1.6 atom, only 47 processes on boot. Actually prefer this size over smaller netbooks. Strikes a great balance

  3. Xavier says

    Charles, the S12 ships with Windows XP. It can definitely handle Windows 7. I haven’t installed Win 7 on the S12 I’m checking out, but I have installed in on similarly spec’d netbooks

  4. newcomp says

    Nice report, Rob!

    Got a question: is the keyboard TRULY full-size on the S12? I had a Dell Mini-12 which had the same size display and its keyboard was NOT full-size. I cannot tell from the width on the left and right hand side of the keyboard – a full-size keyboard should be a tad over 11″ across.

    Please let us know – I returned my Dell Mini-12: keyboard was not full-size but definitely usable. The un-usable part was its Atom Z-series CPU.


  5. Rob Bushway says

    it feels about as full size as my 12″ Latitude XT – very, very comfortable to type on, large keys.

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