Lenovo S12 Rocks

In addition to evaluating the Lenovo S10-2, I’m also evaluating a Lenovo S12. Like Xavier, I’m hesitant to call the S12 a netbook as it is essentially a 12″ notebook that runs the Intel Atom N270 processor. However, it is just as portable and a wonderful mobile device. The timing is good as I’m also presenting some inexpensive netbook and portable notebook choices to a customer on Wednesday.

What I really like about the S12 is the larger keyboard and higher resolution. There is nothing like typing on a full size keyboard on a light weight system. In addition, the power cord for the S12 is really long, which is  a huge plus when trying to find that rare power outlet in a coffee shop or hotel room.

My first impressions are that the S12 strikes the perfect balance between affordability, mobility, and functionality. With the 1280 x 800 resolution, larger keyboard, slighly larger screen, decent netbook type performance, long battery life, and $499 price tag, I’m not sure why anyone would choose anything different. It seems to be the perfect blend of ingredients (minus a digitizer, of course), to fit inexpensive mobile computing on the go.

Our family is headed out of town for a few days to Estes Park, Colorado and we’ll be taking the S12 with to play with. I’ll also be bringing my Windows 7 equipped Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC with me to get some work done after settling in at night (I do a lot of ink notetaking you know). We’ll be sharing an online connection using my Verizon equipped MiFi.