Add a Touchscreen to your new Mac for $OMG

Is a thumbprint on the logo of a touchscreen company a good idea?
Is a thumbprint on the logo of a touchscreen company a good idea?

Good news, everyone: Troll Touch is now offering touchscreen mods for the latest iMac and Macbook models. Not-so good news: slapping a touchscreen on that $1,000 13″ Macbook will cost $700, while the iMac touchscreen can, in one case, double the price tag.

I love touchscreens as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy is one of you and not a keyboard and mouse fanatic), but I can’t fathom paying that much, especially not when there are multi-touch capable touchscreen PCs available for much less. Life in the touchscreen PC niche is pricey, but that touchscreen Mac ultra-niche is crazy expensive.

Sticker shock aside though, there must be a legitimate reason to pay that much for a touchscreen on a Mac. Anyone know what that is? Or maybe you can figure one out from the video demo (after the jump).

Via Engadget

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  1. Seems pretty goofy for home users, but I could see some businesses using this for kiosk/walk-up computing. The W Hotel comes to mind- some of their hotels have iMacs in the lobby for guests to print boarding passes.
    I don’t like the price either.

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