iPad not just running the iPhone OS on a big screen

iPadEmailIf you placed your bets on the iPad just being a big iPhone, you definitely lost money. As seen in the shot of its email operation (via Engadget), you can pull down an email list that looks like what’s on your iPhone, but it’s down a column, not spread across the screen. The iTunes layout is definitely more Mac than iPhone; it’s called iTunes, not iPod.

iPadiTunesTo me, its visual appearance is more like they’re running the iPhone OS within another version of OS X, though since it’s all grown from Darwin, it’s really just another flavor of the OS.


  1. GoodThings2Life says

    To me it’s like the iPhone/iPod restrict you to one window at a time with minimal multitasking support… where the iPad simply allows multiple windows… sorry, but I’d still prefer a full OS any day of the week.

  2. JOE Houde says

    Umm, that looks like the standard Iphone OS, but with applications taking advantage of a bigger screen. It’s still hobbled.

  3. Paul Harrigan says

    There wasn’t a demonstration of multi-tasking.

    Because there also wasn’t a discussion of a new iphone OS, I think we’ll be hearing about this again shortly before the Ipad is released.

  4. lockdown says

    In terms of control of app purchasing, installation, and operation, this is far more iPhone than Mac. A sad day, indeed. I remember when Apple products inspired creativity more than consumption, when the whole idea was to be able to do things that Big Brother wouldn’t approve. The keyboard dock does absolutely nothing for mobile productivity. This is a joke, not a computer.

  5. tivoboy says

    maybe adobe will up their offering of the iphone photoshop app now that there is a more compelling platform for it?

  6. CLC says

    There’s an iPhone version? I did not know that. Can’t be nearly as powerful or extensive as the real thing.

    Anyway, that still rules out the majority of the rest of the art programs out there.

  7. bk says

    I’ve read a bunch of people talking about multitasking coming with Iphone OS 4.0 but if I’m not mistaken one of the reasons it wasn’t included in the first place was that it caused poor battery life. I highly doubt that 4.0 will change that. In other words don’t expect the groans of “no multitasking” to change.

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