HP Slate with Adobe Flash and AIR

In news that has NOTHING to do with the iPad, the folks over at Netbooknews have a new video up about the HP Slate.

We have already posted information about the HP Slate, but here is a great video showing off more of its capabilities.  The big news, it runs Adobe Flash and AIR, something the forthcoming Apple iPad does not.  Will the Slate give the iPad a run for its money?

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  1. I still contend that the HP Slate will be a strong contender… IF… the price is right and the battery life is great. If it has all that plus inking, it will be a GREAT device.

  2. Um, if this is an April Fool’s joke, I don’t get it.

    Sumocat posted this same video on GBM in the March 8th post that’s linked above (“Flashy HP Slate videos show off Flash”). The fact that Nicole Scott at Netbooknews is just now reporting this month-old information as news is not itself particularly newsworthy, nor is the fact that Flash & AIR run on Windows.

    Didn’t Xavier tease additional info from an interview w/ HP’s CTO about a month ago? Whatever happened with that?

  3. I messed up a little here folks. My bad. I forgot to check on Sumocats posting of this already. I just wanted something that wasnt iPad news.

  4. AmyZ, it was a good effort. I’m tired of hearing about the iPad solely because it’s lacking in capabilities; it just isn’t All That. Perhaps because I had put so much hope into it for my own needs. I really want a tablet, but the right tablet. No Flash was a total killer for me. I need that to use a tablet as my travel device.

    I already have an iPhone. A bigger one isn’t going to fix its deficiencies, those which are tolerable in a mobile telephone and light browsing device which fits into my pocket.

    Bravo to you. And do keep an eye out for more HP Slate 411 (and others, while you’re at it. I eagerly await more info in my quest to find the perfect tablet!

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