Eee Pad and M Pad to join iPad in Q3

Word from Digitimes is that Asustek will unveil their Eee Pad tablet at Computex 2010, June 1-5, and launch in the third quarter of this year. MSI will follow suit with their M Pad… after they see how ASUS does. *cough* wuss *cough*

To compete against Apple’s iPad, Asustek has strengthened the Eee Pad’s industrial design and has cooperated with Google to adopt its Android platform. Asustek will also add features that iPad currently does not support such as USB, integrated webcam, and Adobe Flash, [Jonney] Shih noted.

First, yeah, yeah, USB, webcam, and Flash support, same as everyone else’s would-be iPad competitor. That’s great but you won’t match the iPad that way. The real trick will be the interface, so it’s encouraging to learn they are working with Google to tailor Android for the larger tablet form factor. Nobody’s going to care about adding stuff the iPad doesn’t have if you can’t match the user interface it does have. Good to see they understand the challenge.

Oh, and here’s what MSI is doing: “MSI’s current strategy is to observe Asustek’s Eee Pad sales performance before deciding the strength of its shipments and marketing push.” Way to be a leader.

Via Pocketables

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  1. if they really wanted to make it the ” everything the iPad isn’t” they’d add pen support. Just saying.

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