Rent an iPad on your next flight to Australia

We all know how long and dreary an airline flight can be.  There always seems to be at least one screaming kid, several people talking to loud, someone snoring, and many other types of distractions.  This is the reason many people travel with iPods, laptops, game systems, and e-readers.  Well, how about an airline that will rent you an iPad to use during your flight?

Jetstar, an Australian airline, will be launching a trial program in junction with Bluebox Avionics and Stellar Inflight, to implement a new in-flight entertainment system using an iPad.  And, according to this post over at The Age, “The company says the system will even allows for the iPad to be used during take-off and landing, when other electronic devices have to be shut off.”

There is no word yet if passengers will have to rent the iPad or it will be included in the cost of the flight.

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  1. Jetstar is a budget airline, so you’ll have to pay. It will be interesting to see how they lock the devices down so renters can’t play with the settings/delete everything and how they stop them being stolen (stick on beeper tag I suppose).


  2. I want to see what they will look like after 3 months of use… Kudos to jetstar for leading on this, but I’d rather see them focus some effort on cell phone access and Internet connections in flight… Air nz seem to have the lead there in our region.

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