eBook Reader Wars Escalate: Borders to Drop Price to $99 on Aluratek Libre

Borders fired another salvo in the eBook Reader wars today announcing that it will drop the price of Aluratek Libre to $99. Yes, Virginia, we’ve got a below $100 eBook Reader. The move follows Amazon’s earlier price cuts on the Kindle 3. The Kobo Reader, which Borders also has a big stake in, will also see a price drop from $149.99 to $129.99.

In related news Staples will be joining Target as a brick and mortar outlet for the Amazon Kindle later this fall.

Via The Wall St. Journal


  1. I have a Jetbook which was just upgraded to be able to do free library ebooks which it does fine. Amazing thing is looks just like the Aluratek. I would guess that for $100 it would be a pretty good ebook reader considering it’s a very old design…

  2. In the next months , everybody will see a lot of clone products for e book reading. Apple launches the initiative as usual, but the competence is becoming very hard and unpredictable. This market offer a lot of potential.

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