Dell Venue Pro Spotted at FCC with AT&T 3G Compatibility

It looks like Dell has just submitted a variant of the Windows Phone 7-powered Venue Pro to the FCC, and this time the smartphone comes equipped with compatibility for AT&T’s 3G networks. The version of the Venue Pro, currently available in the U.S., is only compatible with T-Mobile USA’s 3G AWS network.

The Venue Pro was announced to a hopeful audience as Dell’s comeback to Microsoft’s mobile platform. Dell had released the Axim series of handhelds before, which ran on the Windows Mobile operating system, but later cancelled the Axim PDA line. Since then, Dell had flirted with Android, having launched the Dell Streak. The company’s launch of the Venue Pro isn’t without problems. The device had initial issues, which includes not recognizing WiFi networks and delays in shipment.

The Venue Pro represents one of the few devices with a portrait QWERTY keyboard and is the only Windows Phone 7 device to date with that form factor. Rather than a candybar QWERTY form factor, the device has a sliding AMOLED screen in portrait orientation.

Hopefully, if and when a Venue Pro launches for AT&T’s network, Dell will have resolved its production issues as part of the first-run T-Mobile shipments.

Via: Engadget


  1. You need to do a little more research; its initial issues were specifically, not recognizing HIDDEN Wifi networks, SD cards (which was really human error because WM7 changes the way the phone uses SD cards, instead of remote storage, they are seen as part of a RAID or Striped set so it REALLY extends memory, and people didn’t understand that), and just general stupid human tricks.

    • It would be nice if that were true, but there were more significant issues that were technical in nature (Dell has acknowledged that there are issues that they are working with MSFT to resolve). The list of issues you listed are valid ones for WP7 as an OS, and so apply to all Windows Phones at the moment.

      • Actually that is BS! Dell told that lie to CYA! Dell’s issues with the Venue are quality issues that have NOTHING to do with the OS.
        Former MS Employee

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