Rumor: Next-Generation iPod Touch to Have 3D Screen

A new rumor posits that Apple may be exploring glasses-free 3D screen technology for its next-generation iPod Touch. The iPod Touch has evolved from a multimedia-centric PMP to a portable gaming device, and the inclusion of glasses-free 3D technology would place the portable music player in direct competition with Nintendo’s 3DS portable handheld gaming device.

While 3D technology has been making a splash for the past few CES shows, there isn’t any hard evidence at this time that Apple would implement the technology in a future iPod Touch according to BGR.

In the mobile space, glasses-free 3D smartphones from Sharp have been sold in Japan for a while, and 3D android phones from that company is expected to also arrive in the U.S.

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  1. I just want them to give us back the ability to use microphones that were made obselete when the 4th gen came out. The inclusion of a built-in mic does not preclude a desire for a quality external mic.

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