HTC Thunderbolt Launching After iPad 2…The Wait Goes On

Droid Life has gotten its hands on a Verizon document that seems to indicate that the thunderbolt will not be released until after the iPad 2 launches. If you are hoping to buy an HTC Thunderbolt soon, don’t hold your breath.

The HTC Thunderbolt was originally announced at CES 2011, but Verizon has yet to formally announce a launch date for its first 4G phone. Rumors have only been flamed by Best Buy, which began taking pre-orders for the thunderbolt on February 6. The retailer even tweeted an “official” launch date of March 4. Verizon wireless seems eager to tap down rumors, and has even gone so far as to ask Thunderbolt fans to move on to other topics.

As we reported earlier, some HTC reps have been citing “politics” as the reason behind all the fuss. Verizon has certainly had a busy few weeks, launching the iPhone 4 and the Motorola Xoom back-to-back. The iPad 2 is right on those devices heels, with a March 11 release.

The launch of the HTC thunderbolt is a really big deal for Verizon and we’re sure the carrier doesn’t want the device to be overshadowed by the iPad 2. It’s very likely that part of Verizon’s deal with Apple includes a buffer between the launch of the iPad 2 and any other devices.


Of course this document doesn’t give any real indication of when the Thunderbolt will be released, but it appears that Verizon is playing by Apple’s rules here.

HTC builds some solid devices and its market share has skyrocketed over the past several months, but the brand still doesn’t carry the same cachet as Apple. It’s very possible that HTC is taking a back seat to Apple’s demands.

The HTC Thunderbolt is similar to the Sprint EVO 4G, but has some upgraded hardware specs and a couple of new features. The biggest difference is of course that it’s geared to run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network rather than Sprint’s WiMax network.

You can learn more about the HTC Thunderbolt and view our hands on videos here.


  1. With the pace that technology is moving, they are really doing themselves a disservice. I like Mac products, but if the rumor that the TB is being delayed because of the ipad2 is true, it kind of pisses me off.

  2. I don’t get it….the ipad 2 is a tablet! The thunderbolt is a phone! Why not release them the same day?!! Sounds like Big Red is on its knees under Apples desk…its a damn shame.

  3. Just going to have to wait 4 more months and just leave Verizon and their bs in the rear view mirror.

  4. What does it matter what Verizon or HTC or Motorola or Apple does…. you people will find some reason to be unhappy and complain and then you will settle for something else. I guess their strategy works… they hold off on releasing the Thunderbolt and a shitload of people get “pissed” and just go buy an iphone or whatever else is available NOW. Then when the Thunderbolt or Bionic or iPhone 5 come out the same people are going to be pissed they can’t get out of their contracts. Just freaking chill out and wait for the phone you want. It’s not like your phone is 8 years old… jeez!

    • We re just pawns in the carriers games, true. Let the competition benefit us. Be patient and take the best deal possible. FYI Sprint offers a 125 credit if u switch from another carrier and with the evo 2 on the horizon. Plus more attractive plans. Patience will pay off.

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