One Droid X Owner Gets Gingerbread Update Pushed Out Early

It looks like Verizon Wireless may have already begun to push out the Android 2.3 update for some owners of the original Motorola Droid X. One user was able to download and install the software update and had posted pics on Droid-Life, which shows some of the subtle refinements to the UI on Gingerbread. It’s unclear when the update will start showing up for other owners as Verizon Wireless has not formally announced the update yet.

Unfortunately, though, it seems that the version of Gingerbread being pushed out the the Droid X is only Android 2.3.3 and not the Android 2.3.4 version that supports video chat natively.

Via: Droid-Life


  1. Bxhayes says

    Don’t think it matters if the droid x gets the video chat feature since it does not have a front facing camera.

      • Chad says

         What’s the point of a one way video conversation? That would be awkward and borderline creepy for the person who can watch you without being seen..

      • Tommyjohnny says

        There is a company that sells a reflector mirror so you can have front and back, I think it is around 20 bucks I will get back with the name of company

  2. Buhjk says

    it’s fake one person gets it but nobody else. just need people to view there site. get a life

    • Timrogers1956 says

      ive tried all the gingerbread files online and cant get any to work after following all there instructions. your probably right and they are all lies 

      • Fff says

        Youre probably doing something wrong. You can get gingerbread on your dx, but the rumors of ppl having the official release are lies

        • Timrogers1956 says

          well maybe i am doing something wrong im pretty new at this but ive pretty much tried every different intructions and still cant get it. i am rooted and have clockwork recovery dx2. when i flash any files i just get errors 

        • Timrogers1956 says

           i tried to download and install gingerbreak and i got a blank screen. this is a refurbished cell from verizons insurance comp but its still a droid x stock. if im doing something wrong maybe you could help. i will try it one more time but im thinking its time to find a diff cell and it wont be from verizon.

  3. Michael_Vandeven says

     i would just wait for the official gingerbread release for the droid x.  it’ll be here any day.  all of the leaked versions i’ve tried have had wifi reliability issues.  since i depend on wifi to download numerous podcasts on my x, that flaw was a deal breaker.  however, other than the wifi issue, all of the leaked gingerbread builds i installed were solid as a rock and astonishingly fast.  i’m now back to running liberty 2.0 ROM.

  4. Tyson says

    the download crashed my droid x this morning. holiday weekend. sooooo frustrating. cant get a phone til tuesday. why dont they have it set up at the stores so i can walk in and get a new one. horrible service.

  5. Fourfun 50 says

    I got this update. I don’t tlike the new black on white font. It should have been made so we can choose background and font color.

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