Droid X Gingerbread Update Now Available to Everyone

The day that Motorola Droid X owners have been waiting for has arrived. As promised, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is finally available to all Droid X owners, not just those involved in the “soak test.”

Motorola Droid X

For those of you that have not seen the update, all it takes is a couple of steps before you’ll be installing Android 2.3. Those steps, as many of you might know, look something like this:

Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> System updates

Once you do that, you should be prompted by a menu alerting you to the presence of an update. Once installed, your phone will not only have all the perks of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but it will also come with a bunch of other enhancements including a download manager app, multi-touch key chording, and more. The whole list of what the update brings can be found here.

Enjoy the update and let us know how it’s working out for you.


  1. Make that 2 phones…. I downloaded it and my phone wont even finish loading before the screen goes black and freezes… And after a battery pull it does the same thing over and over and over again

  2. What the hell, thanks Verizon for releasing a shitastic update that doesn’t work. I now have a $150 paperweight. Perhaps an iPhone is in my future…..

  3. after it loaded the update onto the phone and when i even touch the screen once it turns the screen blank and freezes. took battery out twice already and restarted. even let my phone sit for 30 minutes thinking that the phone will have everything installed right. i dont want to do a factory restore but it might be my best shot :(

  4. Very upset! Now nothing works! Keyboard is horrible, clicking on icons brings up wrong items, phone is slow, available memory dropped 100MB! My phone is now crap! Are they trying to force people to buy new phones?

  5. Installed it last night – haven’t had any issues.  I downloaded a custom launch interface though, and the new 2.3.3 graphics look a little odd with it.  Overall it seems a little faster — most speed improvement I’ve noticed has been with changing screens and typing in the “social status” widget; that thing used to lag like hell.

  6. My upgrade on driodx went “smooth”.  At least initially.  The phone rebooted several times since the upgrade but that has stopped.  Of course it’s probably stopped because my phone occasionally won’t dial out and I have to reboot it manually.

    I love the new look/feel and options, but really breaking the phone from calling out?

  7. Installed a few days ago on my DroidX and it’s terrible in all aspects. I have pulled my battery about 6 times and can’t access the internet at all. At one point I had to reinstall my email in order to get it to work. 

    Anyone know of a fix or how to uninstall?

  8. Did mine this morning, battery died in less than three hours, everything is slow as molasses in January now, media player “white screen of death’s” the phone, heck took two minutes for the screen to clear after I rejected a call.  I am failing to see the “up” side to this update…

  9. Mine bricked as well. DROID 2. Luckily it was under warranty and I was able to be sent a DROID x. (Two warranty claims in a month. I complained and was swapped for DROID x.) However the new phone came with 2.3 and its awesome.

  10. Well, I’m sorry to hear people having trouble with the update. Fortunately for me, I was at work. I didn’t have my charger with me and do not like letting my battery run dead I did not update my phone. Is this good or bad? Will I be given another chance when the bugs are worked out? 

  11. I have a droidx which is horrible. I updated to gingerbread hoping it would fix power maintenence and some minor freezing. now the thing freezes up regularly. I have to wait quite a while if at all to get into contacts or for the caller ID to show up. I see the number and answer before the ID comes up. i went to Verizon and they suggested a hard re-boot. I told the tech I needed my contacts backed up since I am a mobile worker and need all my 4000 contacts. The guy went in to the back and came out and he DID NOT BACK UP the phone before he did a hard re-boot. I didn’t realize it til I got home and didn’t go back because I wanted to kick his ass. (not that I would) If I had time I would campaign to have him fired because I clearly told him I need those contacts. And the phone still freezes up. I am going tomorrow and drinking the Kool Aid and moving to an iphone. Of course, it means money out of my pocket after paying for this droid-crap.

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